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RIP Joey Ramone

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see THIS story...damn I didn't even know he was sick (lymphomic cancer). Should fill a part of Howard Stern's show in the AM...


Wow just saw Kurt Loder do a nice tribute. Joey had been battling cancer for 7 years and apparently a recent hip injury made it more difficult for him to fight it. Damnit and I never saw them play. When I was living in CT, they used to always play Toad's Place in New Haven and I kept saying, "Ahh I'll catch them next time". Then they retired but I thought I'll catch them on the reunion tour--maybe with Marky on drums again...now I'll never get to see them...

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The Ramones always seemed a lot smarter and deeper than the image they were projecting. There have been a lot of times when I wanted to hear music, and only a Ramones record would do the job. Good job, Joey (and the rest of the crew).
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Damn! A fine figure of a punk rocker if there ever was one.

Big loss.

Some stories.

My Granny went into a record store in her native New York to pick up some albums to bring me in London back in the 1970's - aged 70 she brought over


Rocket To Russia

Talking heads first album

Live at Max's Kansas city


Talk about a cool Granny!


Joey Ramone gave me the most humorous & kind music biz put down I ever received!


Drunk and at a club in the mid 80's I spotted the punk legend chatting to a friend, the Ramones were in one of their deep 'lull' periods, with seemingly zilch going on for them from a dumb Joe public (moi) point of view..


After waiting for a gap in their conversation (which never came) I butted in and had the audacity as a junior engineer and fledgling producer to hand him my card and tell him that if they ever needed to record in London they could give me a call as I could do a good job as their producer (I shudder now!)


Anyhow, Joey, took my card and said "That's cool man, because when it comes album time - like, we just - like, (twiddles the fingers on both hands) FLICK THROUGH THE CARDS!" and he smiled warmly at me.


I had a very slow walk back to my friends and PLENTY of time to thing about this genial, kind and brilliant send up!!


A fuckin genius! On many levels! A statue would be appropriate!


I hope they pay heed to his wishes on the type of cemetery he wishes to be buried in.









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Mid 70's,I'd just gotten off the road with a major commercial solo artist and was dying to have my own band doing my own stuff and the only place to do that at the time was a little club called CBGB.At the time only a couple of bands played there so far,Television,Patti Smith,Richard Hell,Talking Heads,The Ramones and then we came along so we had to audition.The only people in the audience were the Ramones looking extremly bored,but at the end of the set Joey told Hilly(club owner)that we were alright and that he should book us,Thanks Joey,and get some rest.
"A Robot Playing Trumpet Blows"
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well sad day indeed. it's a week until my birthday and one of my heroes dies. 10 years ago almost to the day, another one of my heroes (johnny thunders) died. i played a short tribute to joey tonite at a gig. (including a jump swing/blues version of rockaway beach...)


fond joey memories:

years ago at a night club i worked at, joey innvited my to play the "space invaders" acrcade game with him. joey puts in the quarters and for 15 minutes, he's killing aliens left and right. finally, it's my turn and i last maybe 20 secs before i'm dead. joey says, "you suck i don't wanna play with you any more!"


years later i'm in this band and i run into joey at the now defunct nyc palladium club. i try to refresh his memory and ask him if he'd consider listening to our tape. he says, "yeah gimme." and stuffs the tape in his pocket. the next week club owners started calling us for gigs. thanks joey!


-d. gauss

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The one time I saw them live was long after their heyday. I was

an original fan from the Leave Home days, but then I was too young

and my parents weren't cool enuff to cart us to a Ramones show in

the station wagon.


So years later, my girlfriend surprises me for my birthday with

a truly non-lame gift of tickets to the Ramones show circa '95

I think. Right after Acid Eaters came out.


We were standing around the crowded floor of this converted

warehouse cause there were no seats. We were near a side door which

opened and right by me walks Johnny and Joey and the other two.

They just trotted up to the makeshift stage and demonstrated that

rock and roll is not dead, something Frank Black had just failed to

do in the opening act though I believe him capable.


Footnotes: They did a killer rendition of Elton John's "Can You

Feel the Love Tonight?" which I would never have enjoyed otherwise.

Most memorably, it was the loudest show I have ever attended without

exception. Painfully so. Way more volume than the room required.

Have to say that's my one regret.


Joey was the only one who would write a song called "I Don't Want

To Walk Around With You". He was a true original, and in this age,

that's the best tribute I can offer. You'll be missed.

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