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What Do YOU Want for Christmas?

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What I really want is two flat-panel LCD displays, as big as they make 'em.


And a dual processor G4!


I've resisted the temptation to mention some more esoteric desires...


Oh yeah, and I want to finish the soundtrack CD I'm working on so I can get some copies out to people and see what happens with it.

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Don't know if anybody'd get into it, but had a heckuva fun time on another recording board with the following, in which everyone adds a verse...


"On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a Neumann TLM-103"


Add on, folks...

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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dear santa.


i haven't thrown anything at a client almost all year. i have wrapped my cables properly and dusted the monitor amps. i believe in you. i swear. i'll go to rehab soon.


please bring me:


a decent sized, well-conditioned ssl 6000.


2 factory mint akg c12s


8 more channels of grace preamps


as many mix farms as you can fit in my stocking.


also, please give me as many warranty cards/serial numbers as possible, so when/if i get raided, i legitimately own the other half of my software in my home studio.


i guess a new pair of adidas gazelle sneakers and a 12 pack would be pretty good, too.



judson snell

slang music group

chicago, il

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A sweatshirt. A nice big warm sweatshirt that doesn't have the name of an audio manufacturer on it. In fact, one that doesn't have any writing on it at all...and maybe a new pair of Converse 'Chuck Taylor All-Stars'...they could have writing on them if need be.





Mercenary Audio http://www.mercenary.com


Mercenary Audio


Roscoe Ambel once said:

Pro-Tools is to audio what fluorescent is to light

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Originally posted by Tedster:

Calvin commenting that "Oh, boy, we get to pay to wear this cool logo on our clothes. We get to pay extra to do someone's advertising for them"...


That's such a wacked out thing in our society. Kids *prefer* to wear logos now... I'll wear a shirt that advertises a friend's (privately owned) restaurant, and that's it. There's really almost nothing that doesn't demonstrate the height of Americanized decadence than wearing a shirt that was made with slave labor to advertise *itself*.

Guitar Lessons in Augusta Georgia: www.chipmcdonald.com

Eccentric blog: https://chipmcdonaldblog.blogspot.com/


/ "big ass windbag" - Bruce Swedien

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New puter please Santa.


Actually one of your old ones is probably newer than mine http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif



William F. Turner

Guitarist, Composer, Songwriter

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