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Most excellent drummer dudes and dudettes...


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Over on the guitar forum, we're talking about putting a comp CD together. Or, it could turn into a web based project. Well, y'know, Dave Bryce on the keyboard forum is talking the same thing. I know the folks on Ed C. and Chris's forum have been talking about it for some time. Haven't checked Ed Friedland's forum, but, heck, wouldn't it be cool to kinda commiserate on a project? Ya know, get the prog dudes and dudettes altogether, the trad jazz, blues, funkmeisters, rockers, two-steppers, all genres from the different forums together and (to quote Wilbert Harrison) work together??? See who works well...quadruple up (rather than pair up) Ya know, kinda put a web based thang together and see what happens??? To me it seems kinda stupid to have one instrument working on its own comp CD when there are all kindsa opportunities...hmmmmm????



"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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I like it Tedster! I think Craig would be the perfect person to coordinate such a beast! I formally nominate him! Any seconds?


This could be a fun project. Even choose one song and have different groups of folks record different interpretations of the same song. Might be interesting to see how many different versions of the same song come out!


Keep us posted.


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