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Drums and Percussion

Acoustic, electronic and sampled


  1. Hit It!

    Discussion about all things drum and percussion related - acoustic to electronic, live performance and recording.




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    • How often is that a problem where you live, Jenny? And how bad?
    • Shipping costs are built into the sale price (usually) while shopping online. Large , heavy, and or bulky items usually have an free shipping exception labeled with that particular product.   In person sales are often negotiated to be lower priced than on line shopping. At this point the sales establishment has to determine who is going to pay, them or the customer.   Shipping costs have risen drastically over the last three years
    • OK something else: the Featured bar expands and in Bravo theme grays/dims and hides the content when closed. You might look elsewhere and never notice. I tune out everything besides what I am looking for unless it gets in my way. 
    • ^^^this^^^ or, in other words, there's no getting around latency except by shortening the distance between participants.  Sure, if all of the participants lived in the same metro area, they *could* use the same ISP point of presence, and keep latency within manageable bounds, maybe 10-15ms?  Viewed this way, it doesn't eliminate distance, but you might get by without the need for a rehearsal studio and local travel.
    • I'm rarely on my cell when viewing the forum. That single screen shot I posted happened to be, but everything else I am describing or sharing is from my desktop computer, where (alas) I spent most of my hours. 

    • Fascinating read, so far! This looks like a powerful tool with a very straightforward interface.  I don't own a dedicated mastering tool, having used some of the basic mastering options offered within Logic Pro X - also using a free copy of EZmix that was included with a keyboard purchase a few years back. My 11' x 11'  bedroom studio space is not a signicant source of income, if at all over the past couple years. But I'm seeing that Master Plan could've benefitted recordings I've released.     Planning to check out Master Plan over the next month once my new MacMini is set up with Logic reinstalled. Just finishing up a collaboration on a 2015 iMac that is quickly circling the drain .
    • Welcome aboard! Reviews are always so much more useful to the community when the developer can add unique insights and provide fact-checking. I appreciate your comments, which lead me to more comments   When I clicked on the "user guide" button, no manual appeared. After seeing your comment, I went to check again. The issue was clicking on it opened a folder with a highlighted PDF manual file, which is fine except it opened on my second screen. I happened to have it turned off yesterday because nothing I was running needed it, so that's why I didn't see the manual.  Pilot error - I assumed that since you did the standard "hold shift" for fine tuning, you'd probably do the usual "ctrl+click" for reset on Windows. Of course, alt+click is just as good. I totally missed the resizing options, due to force of habit...I pulled on the corners to resize.    I won't be so impatient about checking it out as I get further into this   So far, one of my favorite aspects is that Master Plan can do subtle changes. It lets you decide whether you want to use a scalpel or a sledgehammer.   
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