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Drums and Percussion

Acoustic, electronic and sampled


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    Discussion about all things drum and percussion related - acoustic to electronic, live performance and recording.



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    • I'd recommend redundancy, having the Backblaze or similar offsite backup, as well as whatever you find to image your computer. The nice part about having incremental backups is that since they're done more frequently, you can recover a lost or accidentally deleted file, or if a more recent version of a file is needed than you have on your clone/image from six days ago, you can use the clone/image to get back up and then grab the recent file from the incremental backup.   [I'm guessing Craig already knows this, but I just wanted to point it out for anyone else looking at backup strategies.]
    • Sorry, Joe - it’s the week before the first NAMM show in 2 1/2 years.  I’m a bit jammed up…and yes, they still all currently go through me.   I’ll check it out today.  Sorry for the delay.   dB
    • Thanks Winston, I appreciate your concern. These are dark times indeed, we cannot control the world or others around us. Sad...   Currently I have a Boss Katana 50 Mk II and a Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 (with a 10" Scorpion speaker) AND a Digitech Element XP and Zoom G2 - both mulit-effects pedals.  I'm trying to get used to the Peavey Sanpera 1 pedal that allows selection of presets for the VIP 1 and has a switchable volume/wah pedal, I don't really like having it on the floor.  I can tolerate the 2 button (4 options) footswitch that goes with the Katana.    I just don't like having stuff on the floor. I've used the Digitech and the Zoom for recording but they sit up on the desk for that function and I just use one sound at a time.    For the past 20 years of so I've focused efforts on creating a range of tones by using my fingers and picks. I like a moderate level of gain, I can transition from fairly clean to a singing tone easlly. Once in a while I use a rotary speaker sound and try to decorate "Hammondish" and on a couple of tunes I like a single long delay. I have those things at hand.    It took me quite a while to dial in a few tones that I love on the Vypyr VIP, almost everything was set up for absurdly high gain when I got it. That's not my thing, at a certain point of high gain all guitars tend to sound alike.    So if I did buy a Boss GT-6 it would be because an absurd bargain fell into my lap. I have to much stuff already!!!! Cheers, Kuru
    • Yeah.  I got a chuckle out of that dude giving advice on how to pick up a female.🤣😎
    • There's no shortage of KBs on the market today encompassing every feature a musician could need or want in order to play music.    It really comes down to finding the *right* KB or combination of them (new or used) to cover all bases and ponying up the bread to buy them.    Of course, there's probably more fun in complaining about the shortcuts taken and real or perceived limitations of KBs instead of making it work. 😎
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