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Small - Quality Drumset

Steve LeBlanc

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Rather than take over the Studio kit thread I'll start a new one. I'm going to buy a small starter kit for my son next month, maybe sooner...I wanna get something really good.




I'm very interested in the King kit you described...do you think it compares to this one and if so what would be a major difference:



Pacific Semi-Junior Kit


Also...the price on this kit is exceptional but I loath MF and would do my darndest to buy it somewhere else.


Anyone else have any ideas?




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Originally posted by Steve LeBlanc:

Hey DJ...any luck on finding a quality Jr. Kit...I've looked at the CB stuff and it's just too cheap and shitty sounding. I have a full size kit my son has been playing (you'd be blown away at how well he does...I can't keep him away from it. He's going to be 2 years old in July...I'd like to buy him a drum set that he can reach most everything on but I want it to last him and I want it to sound good.


Any ideas?



Hey, Steve:

This is my best advice! Buz King, former product manager for Sonor and Slingerland, has started his own company called King Drum USA. (no web-site yet) His starter kit is the best I have ever seen.

They are basically a miniature Slingerland-looking kit with real maple shells, lugs, hoops, etc. Looks like the kit uses a 16" bass drum, 8" and 10" mounted toms, and a 12" Floor tom. The snare is a 4"X10". All hardware is small, but of good quality.

I will try to get a picture up for you.

The contact info:

Buz King (yes, this is his real name!)

King Drum - Koenig Inc.

P.O. Box 6595

Ashland, VA 23005

804-798-7320 ph

804-708-7323 fax


I will let you know when I get an image!



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Hey, Steve:


I migrated the post from the other thread to maintain continuity.


The Pacific kit you referenced is a great set. Unique in that it has regular heads on one side and mesh heads on the other side. You simply flip the drums on the mounting post and you have a silent practice kit!


An amazing concept. These DW folks never cease to amaze.


It is *not*, however a smaller kit. The advantage of the BopCat is the small size.


There are some great small pro drum shops that have great prices. Look at www.ajpropercussion.com , www.forksdrumcloset.com , or check out a more local shop. I mention these guys because I know or have done business with them and can vouch for the integrity.


If you prefer a big box, go to www.marsmusic.com


You have to make the call as to the size needs of your child.


Hope this helps,



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You have to make the call as to the size needs of your child.


Yeah, I figure if I do get something a little bigger I can adjust the shit out of it so he can play it without hurting himself and grow into it. I'm trying to avoid toy drum kits because I learned Piano on a full-size and first started playing drums on a full-size kit. I want him to reach a bit and be challenged...I don't know...I want him to have it and use it for a long time too.


I'm thinking about this too:


Mapex Voyager

I checked this Mapex kit out today on my lunch hour at Sam Ash...I like it a lot, these drums sound really good which is real important to me. And they are pretty damn small.




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hehe, a funny thought just occured to me after reading my last post...


What am I NUTS? The fact that I'm even considering buying that Mapex kit for my kid when he's only 2...just seems ludicrous.


When I think of the shitty instruments I learned on (I come from a REALLY poor family) and all the spoiled kids who had whatever instrument they wanted who I hated. Jeesh.


How is my son going to learn to appreciate stuff if he gets the best all the time? Maybe another thread is required http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif.

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Hey, Steve:


I think purchasing your kid the best and teaching him to appreciate it are two

*entirely* different issues.


I think about child prodigy Tony Royster Jr. This kid was playing full size drums at age two. Nothing wrong with that ... at the age of 14 he is putting the playing moves on the likes of Dennis Chambers!


He has always had the very best of equipment (he was endorsed by DW at 5 or 6 ... I think), but his parents have taught him the value of this and he has a full and humble appreciation for what he has!


The thought of purchasing your child a Mapex kit is not at all *NUTS*.

I think about the first kit my folks (with good intentions) bought me. A sears special. By the second day, I had wasted the heads! No replacement heads available! (it was back to the Tupperware! )


When I was at Mapex, we developed a product called the Philly Jazz Kit (a kit in the Saturn Series.) I do not know if it is still offered, but it was in smaller sizes.


Do look into the BopCat before you make your move.


Hope all of this helps!


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Thanks for the perspective DJ, I'm going to consider all my options over the next month, Miles' birthday is in July...I'm definitly thinking higher end at this point and will also give the Bopcat full consideration.


One thing I'm sure of, Miles won't stop playing drums any time soon, it's so obviously in his blood. I never pushed him toward music he's really found it on his own...it's truly amazing to watch...reminds me of myself.


Thanks again.




Hard to tell but he's got two drumsticks in his hands and just got through playing what was very close to a single stroke roll http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif http://www.jamfree.com/images/milesdrums.jpg




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Thanks for the pic DJ, all I can say is WOW, what a cool looking kit. This has definitly just shot up to #1 on my list of choices.


I compressed the picture a little bit so this post wouldn't take too long to open.


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