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Cymbals to match a small kit.


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Hello all,


I'm primarily a guitar/bass/vocal/sax guy but I've got a small 60's Ludwig drum kit that I like to play. It's the 20" kick, regular chrome snare (14") with 12" ride tom and 14" floor tom. I've got a pair of 13" Zildjian hi hat cymbals on an ancient Camco stand which sound pretty good. The problem is my crash is a Ludwig 14" (made by Paiste) and a cheapo Paiste 18" ride. They don't sound very good and seem a bit loud for the kit.


I was just wondering if any of you could recommend a crash and crash/ride that would not overpower the small kit. I'm looking for a lot of chhhhhhh and not much gong, I guess you'd say more of a trebly sound. My set up would be much more oriented toward recording than live applications. Any particular cymbals sound hi fi without being really really loud?


Oh, and I truly respect the proper touch a good drummer brings to his cymbal whacking, thing is, my cymbals don't sound very good even with a light touch.


thanks in advance,



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Thanks guys,


Budget? I don't know, my drums are over 30 years old. Wouldn't mind finding some older cymbals if there's a place for used ones.


What did Ringo use? His original kit was the same size as mine.


I'll have to check out some splashes. I thought maybe paper thin crashes might work. Any ideas for a not very loud ride? Not too concerned about the bell sound, just a good high end with not much clank or lows.

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Hey, DC:

Ringo used Zildjian cymbals.

Amazingly in some cities the best place to find old cymbals at bargain prices is at a Pawn Shop.

Most of these folks do not know what a Zildjian is from a Camco, from a Krut!

Most times the cymbals they take in are old and tarnished and the perceived value is low.

Look around and you are sure to find something. One other idea is to check out Ebay.


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Hello ajc, the music I would be recording is all original. It's hard to pin down a style exactly except it would be pop vocal music. Our last CD had straight ahead rock, swing, folkish, dance and psudo country. My songwriter partner and my fav bands of all time are probably Beatles and Fleetwood Mac. So I'd say it's beat driven melodic music.


DJ, I'll check ebay and some pawn shops. Would you know what size and style of Zildjian cymbals Mr. Starkey used?



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Perhaps what u should do, is to go down to you local musical store, the one that stocks the most drum paraphernalia, grab a stick you would normally use, and just start going thru their inventory and see what your ears like, and what they don't like. I think you'll be surprised at what you discover, and in the process, you'll also hear a lot about what kinds of cymbals sound a certain way. Generally speaking for instance, the heavier the cymbal, especially rides, the more ping/attack, and less wash.


Its hard to recommend a cymbal to someone because it really is such a personal thing, and to make it even more complicated, no 2 cymbals sound the same. So the K Ride that i use and i might recommend to you, when u buy one, might sound very different than mine.


Honestly i wouldn't buy a cymbal without hearing it. Try *lot* out, as many as u can.


Wallace Roney, a notable trumpet player in the jazz scene, acquired many of Tony Williams cymbals (& drums too actually) and was astounded out how normal/average they sounded when other drummers (all very heavy cats i might add) he worked with would use them. Food for thought.



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