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beginner videos


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Hey, Harp!


Thanks for posting in Drum Talk.


I am forwarding your request to a couple of friends in the drum video biz.


A couple that I am familiar with myself are:


Be a DrumHead - Will Kennedy and Bob Gatzen -Warner Bros Publications


Children Series - JohnnyRabb - JohnnyRabb Publications.


Both are fun, educational, and suitable for your child.


Let's see what the guys recommend!





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Hi Harp...the videos below seem like a good place to start. However, keep your eye out for some new drum videos from Carl Fischer during the year. Currently, we are working on a Djembe drum video for beginners that should be out in two weeks!
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Maybe not for the very young but Dave Weckl's I think it's called' "Back to basics" is very good for beginners. he goes through grip, seating position, drumkit setup, kick pedal method, rudiments, all the basics. It did a lot for me after I had been playing for a few years already, helped me get over some bad habits I had picked up.





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Hey, Harp:


This message is from Ray Brych with Warner Bros. Publishing regarding your question.


Dear Harp,


To get a beginner started there's really no substitute for a practice pad, a pair of sticks, and weekly lessons from a human. But just to learn basics from square on "drum set", Drum Basics from The Ultimate Beginner Series from Warner Bros. is a book/CD & video set that is really good. We are currently revising and modernizing this series, soon to be released on DVD and VHS in a month or so, and will be even better. Either way, real lessons with supplemental material is best.


Best of Luck!



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