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January Edition


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Is this were I can start rolling my eyes into the back of my head and stop breathing over the Rex Hull ad?


OK, U2 is hot, Adam Clayton is the bassist, we have to give him his daps. We can sit here on the forum and argue technical merit and talent, but at the end of the day, Adam is an influential force in a band that is putting out influential music. If all we ever had in BPM was Victor, Jaco, Stanley and Marcus, no one would read the damned thing and we'd all be forced to read Bass Guitar and whatever thrash metal one-hit wonder graced its cover.


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I didn't mind the Adam Clayton article. No one involved tried to make him into something he's not, but communicated where he's at, etc. I'm not a big U2 fan, but that was worth reading.


David - nice bass, nice review. I've tried a few headless basses (of significantly less quality), and using the tuners is awkward. It was not mentioned in the review - don't you have to learn how to turn less so you don't grind your fingers into the tuner next to the string you are tuning?


I do like the look of the bass - nice work!!


Mike - I'm still working on my "voice" (it's only been 37 years - stop rushing me!). That concept of "sounding like you" can seem thin in many circumstances, where the bass parts more or less have to fit a style or play a purpose. I'm always looking for ways to be "me", and your Soapbox was encouraging. Thanks!


Of course I liked the editorial - thanks to Bill for the kind words and support of our project. And thanks to all of you that have befriended us - as Adrian said, bassists are a pretty cool bunch!




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Still waiting on my issue.


I read some online. The David King bass does look great, many innovations there. David, you should be pleased.


Adam Clayton is, indeed, the bass player in U2.


Those guys behind the Adrian project are an OK bunch.

Except for Maury. :D


Still waiting on my issue.






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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First off, another thans for the kind words in regards to my Soapbox article.


Adrian, I hope that the article brought some good positive atention to your situation. Your attitude in facing this is inspiring. My thouhts are with you, always.


As for the Adam Clayton article. We all know that Adam is not a "bassplayer's bassplayer." The band that he is a part of is a cultural icon and his contribution to the band is important. I thought the questions posed to him broguht out the best in him. It was a well concieved and executed article.



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Originally posted by wraub:

Still waiting on my issue.




Me too. I emailed the subscription department and they gave me an ETA of three weeks. Oh well, I should have the next issue at the same time. Binge and purge baby!



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as Adrian said, bassists are a pretty cool bunch!


i believe what Adrian wrote exactly was " COOLEST people in the world."

:wave: whassup, Tom?

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