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Amps for Double Bass and Acoustic

Mac the Naif

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Hi all... first of all, I should advice, that I'm not a bass player, but a friend of mine does. We are Spanish and, as I am the one who speaks English a little better, I'll post this for him.


He is a damm good bass player but has lately been offered to also play acoustic double bass, so he is onto buying another amp for another kind of gigs. He has borrowed a gallien krueger ME150 which is quite an standard I think, and is waiting to test a Mark Bass CMD 121P, but it will take much time until that.


Which are your opinions about this amps? Would you add any other in the same price range, or model from that brands?


Thanks all for your answers

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Check out this site!




Bob is a moderator on this forum and definitely one 'in the know'. He also offers excellent customer service.


Many double bassists play GK amps, I am completely convinced by Acoustic Image gear. I haven't played a double bass through my new Focus yet (one day) but their reputations for upright amplification are excellent.


What is his current amp? Is it totally unsuitable?

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For what its worth, I use a little Hartke A 70 which works surprisingly well for URB. Not expensive either. Compact with a tilt-back cabinet which is ideal on stage as an extra monitor. Lines out well too, and has impressed a number of sound techs I've worked with.


Definitely not to be scoffed at, despite mixed opinions on Hartke equipment for other applications. I must add, however, that I haven't had the opportunity of trying out Acoustic Image grear because of lack of availability in my neck of the woods.


BTW, I use it in conjunction with a Double Big Twin transducer system and preamp which I obtained through Bob Golihur mentioned above by Phil W.

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I also own both an Acoustic Image Contra and a GK MBE 150. I think the AI is much warmer. It is uni-directional, which can be a very good thing, but might not be what you need in some situations.


If your friend also plays electric bass, the GK might have more features he would want, including the limiter and the chorus.

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I have a GK MBE 150, which I use for an Acoustic Bass Guitar (Godin A4) and these are reasonably matched. This is quite an old design now although as you say, lots of players use them. I do struggle a bit tone-wise with the Godin. Certainly conventional amps/combos such as Trace Elliot combos etc are hopeless with the Godin, so matching the acoustic bass/URB with the amp is essential. You really should try out your URB with a selection of amps. Easy said, but difficult sometimes I know.



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