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O ish T ish: Good for a laugh.

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My favorite has to be the Digilog Dynamicator.

"Meat is the only thing you need beside beer! Big hunks of meat and BEER!!...Lots of freakin' BEER."

"Hey, I'm not Jesus Christ, I can't turn water into wine. The best I can do is turn beer into urine." Zakk Wylde




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I've got the Digilog Dynamicator and the Pallindrometer filling space in some racks. They're great when the talent tries to tell you how to mix, just reach for a knob, crank it a little and say "You were right, it's much better now." Scott
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[img]http://www.funklogic.com/mBIGR.gif[/img] This is great - THE MASTERERIZER A Software Mastering Plug-In that Actually Makes Your Mix Sound WORSE! Not only do the "UV" Meters work, but all of the Knobs and Switches DO affect the quality of the audio in different ways... (whether it's for better or for "not so better", who are we to say--Distortion, Scratchy Pots, Hiss, Clipping, it's all there!) Free download or $1,995 purchase from BF (no refunds). Fletcher sells 'em for $149,000.50... ------------------- /Mats


What do we want? Procrastination!

When do we want it? Later!

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