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OT- What are your favorite horror movies???


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It's Halloween this month (for all of you who might live on Mars) so I got to thinking about horror movies. What are your favorite horror movies or gnre of horror movies?


I like anything with Vincent Price, so much in fact my first born son's middle name is going to be Price. He was/is the king of Creepy. In a weird coincidence, he died on my 12th birthday...


I also like zombie movies- House of 1000 Corpses, Night of the Living Dead (and the sequels it spawned), 28 Days Later, etc.


The Halloween and Friday the 13th series are classic, and Nightmare on Elm Street traumatized me when I was 5.


That's my input!

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I'm a big fan of the zombie movies. Those and any of the old school "look theres a string holding up the whatever" movies are great.
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Originally posted by Spooky Mogessi:

I'm a big fan of the zombie movies. Those and any of the old school "look theres a string holding up the whatever" movies are great.

If you watch the Italian movie 'Zombie,' in the scene towards in the beginning where the zombie is in the boat cabin, all of a sudden like half the screen is taken up by the second camera guy, standing there like a doofus. Like no one would notice!
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I'm into anything that can give me a chill in my back. Some scenes from Sixth Sense come to mind.


Not a big fan of the campy holloweens and jason flicks but think Night of The Living Dead is a classic.

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The Evil Dead movies are fantastic!


Night of the Living Dead... all you know about zombies flicks is from that one.


Those are my top 2 picks. Anyone see a movie called "Session 9"? Awesome! A lotta Asian flicks are gettin' the media's attention like "Dark Water" "The Eye" and (obviously) "Ringu". Only've seen "The Eye" before.

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REDNECK ZOMBIES!!!!! it was the first direct to video movie shot with a camcorder. it was like the first movie of the troma team(the guys who brought us such gems as the toxic avenger and troma's war. very funny not really scary. along the lines of evil dead. the autopsy on acid scene is worth watching the rest of this horrid film. hell night was a classic that i remember seeing at the drive in. it is probably tame by today's standards but i was young and it scared the hell out of me. but my all time favorite is an american werewolf in london. i saw that in the theater at least 30 times. the transformation scene was the all time best. :thu:
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1. Stephen King's "Christine". I have one of the early editions of this novel (as in one of the first 1,000 ever printed), and there's nothing like a vintage American automobile scaring the bejesus out of its driver and passengers. hehe :D


2. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Hot sun, a man's most private part X ?? for hot dogs. I saw this movie in first grade! No lie! I didn't find it scary at all. I thought it was just a bad comedy gone gonzo.


3. Blair witch project. Man, when I watched this the first time in the theater, I felt so queasy. I nearly lost my lunch. My head was hurting quite a bit. I could've fainted, fell on the ground and cracked my head open after this one. Very much a metaphysical experience for me.

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Not a big fan of horror movies. If I want a good scare I will look at my bank account or find myself a mother-in-law. :D

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I also love zombie flicks!

and vampire flicks,

and monster movies.


But I don't care for "slasher" movies, though the 'Nightmare on Elm St." stuff was kind of fun.


Probably my favorite monster movies are:


John Carpenter's "The Thing" (I've watched this movie more times than any other)

Alien and Aliens


Other favorites,in no particular order:

Evil Dead 2


Fright Night

Innocent Blood

The Blob

The Shining (T.V. mini-series)

Resident Evil (1&2)

The Howling

The Changeling


From Beyond


The Gate

The Haunting (both versions were good)

The Lost Boys


The list goes on.....



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Out and Out Scary


Exorcist 1


Exorcist 3: Legion (very underrated and very scary, except a very young Patrick Ewing makes a cameo. He actually looks pretty appropriate for the part, but he is so recognizable that it takes away from the movie).


Creepy / left with a bad feeling


Ringu (the rest of the series...I think there are 13 of them...stray into the fantasy/thriller genre)


The Ring (the second one is going to deviate from the Japanese series)




Event Horizon (I hate when people eyes get ripped out)


Halloween (What a dark depressing movie)


Funny / Clever


Motel Hell


The Thing


Greatest of all time

Phantasm I, II, and III

Cadavers being crushed into dwarves to become slaves of a high-gravity planet, a multi Grammy Award-winning villian, flying balls that drill into your head like a juicer, and a Hemi-cuda? What else does anyone need?

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Originally posted by Da Lady In......

Anyone see a movie called "Session 9"? Awesome![/QB]
Now thats a wierd one. The whole spike in the eye routine gave me the shivers for days.


There was an old movie that was based on Steven King stories I think it was called "The Cats Eye" or something like that. One of the short flics was about this little troll looking dude that hides in the wall of this little girls room. It would come out at night and try to steal her soul or something by sucking it out her mouth. That was THE most scariest thing I had ever seen when I was like 5 and I still get the heebie jeebies when I think about it.

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I love horror movies. I could never pick just one. The worse the better.


I do think they used to be better than they are now. The Nightmare on Elm Street movies, for example, are not terribly sophisticated, but they have a sense of giddy daring that most of them won't come anywhere near now. It's all too tame, nowadays, and not as visceral.


I love the fact that you can't really do a horror movie anywhere else. It's a total product of the medium. You can't have a Cat Scare in a novel, for example, or on the radio. Very cool stuff.

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dcr- Manos :D


Here's some:

Of course, Carpenter's The Thing, Halloween.


The first Exorcist.


Street Trash-Cheap evil rotgut makes winos melt!


Eraserhead- A lot of people I know call this a horror movie. I think it's funny.


Ted Bundy &

Ed Gein- these are both lower-budget indies I think, not great but moments of creep and dread for sure.


Reservoir Dogs- genuinely grim, not a "horror" film, but try watching it, and then let a friend tie you to a chair and start waving knives and gasoline around you. Who's scared now?


Baby Geniuses

Look Who's Talking &

Michael- Horrifying.


And, truly, I will watch ANY zombie film, or ANY post-holocaust film, be it nuclear or whatever.

I can't help myself.






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chrisofdoom and Da Lady pegged it for me.

Evil Dead part2 & 1. I think they had too much footage and decided to split in into 2 movies.

Night of the Living Dead. - Classic


Them (giant ants)


and the one that really scared me as a child

Salem's Lot.


Some other fav's even though they weren't scary..


Blood Diner (funny as hell)

Henrey: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Sleepaway Camp

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My horror tends to bleed :eek: into other genres such as sci-fi and comedy, so excuse the crossovers.


Horror-Comedy: "Killer Clowns From Outer Space", "Blood Diner", "Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein", "Young Frankenstein", the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series and "Evil Dead (2 & 3)". Super-cult classics.


Horror-SciFi: "Dark City" and "Alien" (the first). I'm drawing a huge blank here. The original "Frankenstein" really belongs here, I know...


Horror-Noveau: "The Gate", "Silence of the Lambs", "The Ring", "Resident Evil" and some of the Euro-imports which came out during the late 60s-70s. (language isn't a barrier because a lot of the good horror is visual and sudden)


Horror-Classic (the original versions): "Dracula", "Bride of Frankenstein", "Nosferatu" (silent version), "The Birds" (uncut version) and "Halloween (original)" . Special honorable mention to the illustrious acting careers of:

--(US) Price, Karloff, Lugosi and Lorre.

--(UK) Lee, Cushing, MacDowell (Malcom) and Hurt.


I've left out HUNDREDS of other great films, making me think the American Film Institute should do a "Top 100 Horror/Sci-Fi films of the 20th Century" special.


For those who see too much of a distinction between Sci-Fi and horror, the link is "fear of the unknown", which is a common theme through both.


Also recommended background info (for those with no patience/time to read) are Joseph Cambell's (philosopher) public TV lectures and interviews on the myth of the hero. This too is a common theme in both generes as well as fantasy.


I will make an effort to watch the ones some of you recommend that I haven't seen in my nearly 50 years of horror-film fandom. I could go on for days, so somebody please point me to a horror-film forum!


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Originally posted by chewstermaniac:

Shauwn of the Dead.


Simply horrifing

Haven't laughed so hard at a movie theater in a long time!


If you are a fan of zombie movies, this one is a great send-up. :cry: It was mega-scary!


Favorite classic horror film is the original Dracula. :thu:

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Shaun of the Dead.


This is truly everything I need in a film... The poster on the wall next to me says, "A romantic comedy. With Zombies." I saw it twice. In the theater. And I'm BROKE. 'Nuff said?


But... let's not forget:

Night Of The Living Dead the original. "They're coming to get you, Barbara..."


Dawn Of The Dead The new one AND the old one.


The Ring Creepy.


Tetsuo The Iron Man A guy turns into metal and winds up killing his girlfriend when his penis becomes a drill. Ewww.


Nosferatu: A Symphony Of Horror Still one of th spookiest vampire movies ever.


Bram Stoker's Dracula Gary Oldman has the vampire thing down. Just ignore Keanu.


The Blair Witch Project Freaked me the hell out. Reminded me of my own days in film school.


Psycho "She's a WHORE, NORMAN!"


The Excorcist SOOO creepy.


..and that's just off the top of my head.



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The Fog was surprisingly good...not going for the blood-spattered thrill, but more playing with your mind...Same with The Others...the only decent Nicole Kidman picture I've ever seen.


Looking forward to one of the new ones coming out soon...with Buffy The Vampire Slayer in it...

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The first Phantasm movie. Way cool.

The Rainbow and the Serpent (or is it Serpent and the Rainbow? anyway, that one.)

Ghost Story (the Peter Straub thing)

And of course, the Ring.


The first Nightmare on Elm Street did it for me too.


The longer I keep thinkin', the longer I'll go on.


And that's scary too, so I'm quittin' now.

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Originally posted by Dennyf:

The Rainbow and the Serpent (or is it Serpent and the Rainbow? anyway, that one.)

It's the Serpent and the Rainbow. The book is also surprisingly good (or similarly bad, if you're looking for factual accuracy), but in a less supernatural way. Fueled a lot of my early interest in Voodoo.
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I am decidedly NOT a fan of Horror movies. Maybe I'm a wimp; maybe, though, I believe too easily.


That said, I get feelings of horror from:


ALIENS. After we saw it, my wife and I had trouble driving home, thinking the thing was in the car.


JAWS. It does have its moments.


SIGNS. I'm the guy that jumped and screamed in front of you when you see the alien in the newsreel footage at the birthday party.


COLOSSUS: The Forbin Project. Old and Cheesy, this movie is getting a DVD release in November. Wowsers~that'll be fun!

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I haven't seen 'Shaun of the Dead' because my city sucks and probably won't get it- instead they'll hav like 4 screens dedicated to forrest gump 2 or something.


i can't believe no one mentioned 'Bloodsucking Freaks.' that's right, i said it.

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