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joke song (based on a true story)


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Sometimes real life takes you into circumstances that makes it easy to write something... ;)


I had known for a couple of months that something was amiss 'down there' and then last week when I caught a cold it hurt like heck every time I coughed. So, I went to the doc and yep: An inguinal hernia and I got set up for surgery in 2 weeks. And then as I was driving home I had an idea for a song... :idea:



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Thanks for the feedback guys. Anything for a laugh! :D:D


Hugo: That's a Studiologic 990 controller to Sonic Synth/C7S Grand 60 patch.


Ric: Okay, I'm back onto the melody writing game. I'm intentionally not listening to the other variations until I've got something put up. Should be soon but I'm off to play tennis with my son this evening. Wierd. Doesn't hurt when I'm hitting tennis balls- just when I cough :confused:

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