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Change forum name and expand focus?

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Hi Folks,


Over on Keyboard corner, there been a bit of a discussion about the need for a composition forum. I've suggested that perhaps this forum could incorporate composition as well as songwriting.


What do you think?


I have not even approached anyone at CMP about this, thought I would gauge interest first. :thu:

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Agreed. Seems like a natural fit to me. Whether you're talking about a "song" or a "piece," writing is composition, even if in a different form.


Oh wait....I just realized....this is just another ploy in your efforts at world domination, isn't it? I'm changing my vote! :mad:

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In some ways, the difference between a songwriter and a composer is a matter of semantics. In other ways, the kind of work each group does can be significantly different.


As someone who's been both a songwriter and a composer, I see both an overlap and a divergence between the two groups' needs. Compare and contrast Carole King with John Williams as an illustration.


Of course, the contrast between the two careers isn't always as pronounced as above. Consider the similarity between BT the recording artist and BT the film composer as an example of how much overlap there can be. There's a lot of ground that can be covered here.


If things go the way the poll indicates, the tight focus this forum has had will broaden. I voted for the broader focus, but either choice has valid strengths and weaknesses.





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Some great points Geoff - the poll is very much in favour of the broadening, so I have asked Jim and Max to make the change ;-)


Can I say by the way, that the responsiveness of Jim and Max to requests has been nothing short of brilliant. Thanks guys! ;):thu:

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