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ADK CE (the commemorative edition of their top-of-the-line TT)


It's not as pricey as some other high-end mics ($1500, but I got mine for $1K!!!)...but, it sounds almost as good as some $2K-$3k mics.


This is a variable pattern mic...it has 9 polar patterns, with 8 more intermediate ones.


This is my #1 vocal mic right now...and I have not found a single bad pattern...they just change the timber/character of the mic as you dial through them.


For my own voice...I found at least 5 killer positions...with the rest also sounding very good too.


I have been quite happy with the sound of this mic...and I plan on getting a couple more ADKs in the near future (matched Hamburg pair)...

..,but I have 3 doz. mics right now, many which hardly ever get used...so it may be awhile before I buy more mics.


Check it out:



miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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I haven't heard the Hamburg or Vienna yet, but if I had to choose a "swiss army" mic from the ADK line, it would probably be the TL (multipattern sold state with a thin diaphragm - remenicscent of a good 414).



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ADK just makes better mics...!!!especially if you are choosing one from their "Audiophile" line.


Yes...the mics are assembled in China, just like lot of other mics...but...ADK does better R&D...and they use better componentsIMO.


Also, Larry Villella, President and CEO...and J.P. Gerard, Director ADK Custom Shoppe...are good people.

I've had many exchanges with them via email...and have spoken with Larry on the phone a couple of times.

I had a small issue with the power supply to my ADK CE...and it was quickly resolved...and then some!


J.P. is the main designer behind their better mics...and he does custom tweaks and made-to-order stuff too...and he runs a studio in Europe(Belgium I think?)

If you have any technical questions...he will answer them promptly and clearly.


You should join the ADK forum. It's not anywhere nearly as busy as this place...but if you post a question about ADK mics...Larry or J.P will answer you, usually same day.


I only regret not having tried an ADK mic sooner...

...'cuz I would probably have more ADK mics instead of a few others that are now in my mic locker.

I just may unload some of my less-used mics...and then replace them with a few of the higher-end ADK mics, like the Vienna, Hamburg, TL, TC...maybe another CE!!! :cool:

miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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I agree with Miroslav,these are chinese mics,but alot more care goes into the R&D.I own a A51 TC,and while it is not as inexpensive as other Chinese mics I own,it sounds better than anything else I own on most female vocalists.

I have an Apex 460,a Rode K2,a pair of AT 4050s,a Neuman U87, an RCA 44Bx,as well as other vintage ribbon mics.

I have tried other ADK mics,and have found them to be excellent as well,especially the A51 TL,excellent transient response.

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