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Firefox download speed/"bug"

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A friend of mine noticed this some time ago, I don't know if it's common knowledge, but I am curious how why it happens.


When you click a download link, and the download box pops up - do not confirm it just yet. Wait maybe half a minute to a minute then confirm. You'll notice the download rate will quite high, and you'll get a little boost for a bit - but it will taper off to your normal download rate. For the download below I waited about 10 minutes. It jumped to like 3.3 MB (MegaBYTES) per second, and eventually went down to my 40 KB (kilobytes)/sec rate.


Anyway, it seems more useful for smaller downloads in the single digits.



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Phait, that's not Firefox specific. I've had that happen fairly often, even back into my dialup days and also saw it on DSL and running Windows IE.

I routinely run between 4 and 5mb and have seen spurts to over 10mb with this current cable system.



Oh, it also depends on the server, where it is and how many are on it at that time.


Here's one result.



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Downloads actually starts as soon as you click the link. They go into the temp folder. Then when you confirm it, it dumps what you already have into it final(your download folder)folder, counts what it already has, and resumes at the final speed you see at the end. If the total download was to take ten minutes, but you waited 11 minutes to confirm, it would appear to be instant. Slowly

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Though it makes you wonder why the browser can't start a timer as soon as the DL starts, rather than, under this very credible theory, starting the timer when the user tells the dialog 'yes.' Or even start the timer when the first data comes in over the wire. I mean, you know, that seems like a logical spot to start one's calculations.
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