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whew - somebody sent me a spam email advertising fake rolex watches, and at the bottom of the email was the following text. what in the world is this supposed to be for?


"Valeria was at hornbeam when that happened cecilia. crosstalk at bilabial or even streamside as in counterpart. century at convulsion or even notebook as in detect. Valeria was at houdaille when that happened nominal, cotton at budget or even altogether as in vouch. Valeria was at metabole when that happened spirit Valeria was at midwives when that happened amsterdam. peaky at ammonium or even choral as in mazurka. Valeria was at leachate when that happened artie. laplace at abstract or even degree as in drench. engage at lukemia or even connie as in drool. Valeria was at burst when that happened responsible amende at phonetic or even arnold as in pliant. Valeria was at corporeal when that happened poesy, Valeria was at stator when that happened automaton. gracious at chevrolet or even avocate as in cortege. Valeria was at allied when that happened buxom. suspension at chicken or even quirky as in bangladesh. efficient at velocity or even brainard as in toast. Valeria was at lou when that happened colza, envelope at seafare or even emily as in buttrick. Valeria was at ptolemy when that happened daffodil Valeria was at origin when that happened ravish. eddie at prior or even garden as in deciduous. Valeria was at biltmore when that happened sowbelly. drosophilaValeria was at betty when that happened rudolph, aristocracy at bentley or even abroad as in shaken. Valeria was at bash when that happened deploy Valeria was at duplicity when that happened calculi. chloroplatinate at barcelona or even denver as in hellbender. Valeria was at deception when that happened affront. venus at where'd or even trapezoidal as in chance. sup at giraffe or even coil as in evzone. Valeria was at mcintyre when that happened mastodon, camel at amorphous or even conformal as in meringue. Valeria was at tristate when that happened anchoritism Valeria was at tift when that happened avenue. chancery at mammalian or even sanderson as in kern. Valeria was at pdp when that happened coors. mycology at oppressive or even bill as in infancy. archipelago at curricular or even sew as in sinkhole. Valeria was at pier when that happened libya insecticide at clinton or even painful as in span. Valeria was at galilee when that happened bloodbath, Valeria was at congratulate when that happened exposit. honshu at halifax or even wreath as in equipping. Valeria was at grail when that happened distant. crutch at katharine or even hoyden as in slope. amide at confiscable or even lectern as in genotype. Valeria was at glamor when that happened drowse, mccann at extempore or even modulate as in burly. Valeria was at innumerable when that happened mason Valeria was at ft when that happened factorial. husbandry at automata or even standstill as in flatland. Valeria was at preferring when that happened starr. blabValeria was at blandish when that happened wrote, boucher at acton or even inexpiable as in alway. Valeria was at occupy when that happened marrowbone Valeria was at dostoevsky when that happened best. daughter at hempstead or even confide as in tootle. Valeria was at burton when that happened glenda."


sunridge studios

salem, oregon

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Originally posted by Anderton:

I think it's a transcription of all the lyrics to Yessongs.

I guarantee I can find five Jon Anderson lyrics that are less comprehensive than that text block.


Of course, Jon doesn't write lyrics... he writes little sounds that go along with the music, that occasionally make words that by happenstance go together in some way. But not really. :)


- Jeff

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Actually it's a subliminal message. Thanks for posting that man, now all of us who read it are brainwashed. :mad:


We'll be buying "enhancement" meds and fake Rolexes through the Internet, and sending chain emails to all our friends warning them that they may wake up in a bathtub full of ice, with their kidneys missing.

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"I am not certain how original my contribution to music is as I am obviously an amateur." Patti Smith

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It should be written in verse....




Crosstalk at bilabial or even streamside as in counterpart.


Century at convulsion or even notebook as in detect.


( This is like so groovy...)


Efficient at velocity or even brainard as in toast.


Venus at where'd or even trapezoidal as in chance.


( Oh man....that's heavy...)

Super 8


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