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Anybody see "Hit Me One More Time" last night?

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A battle of the bands for "has beens," what a concept. :idea:


Lover Boy and Flock of Seagulls really let themselves go, as has Tiffany. Based on skills, CeCe Peniston should have won last night. Instead "Arrested Development" pulled the top honors. At least the girls in that group could sing.


My biggest gripe about the whole thing and any of the other shows in that genre (American Idol, etc.) is Why won't anybody sing a song in a key that's comfortable for them? How hard could it be to lower the song a whole step and then really belt it out IN TUNE? It's ridiculous watching "Pros"(???) trying to "hang on" or watching new talent (like the A. I. kids) ruin their voices for no reason at all. Shoot, even Michael Jackson had sense enough to lower the keys on his early hits after his voice changed.


Is there some unwritten rule in Hollywood that you HAVE to strain on your material, or are they just not comfortable with transposing a song?

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I heard the show was bad, though I missed it. Note that A Flock of Seagulls only has one original member (the lead singer) remaining.


At least the winner is playing for $ donated to their favorite charity.

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My wife and I watched the beginning. Whatever anyone thinks about Loverboy, I always liked Workin' For The Weekend. What I heard and saw last night was just too painful to watch.


Flock of Seagulls was just a rung higher on the ladder, and I never liked them in the first place.


I had no idea who CeCe Peniston was. She was certainly the best singer, but the song she sang did nothing for me.


After the beginning of Flock, I left the room. For good. It was apparent the producers of this show deliberately made a mockery of these aging performers. And the performers let them. Whether it was hubris or real belief in their ability that drove each group to participate, at least the bottom line is Arrested Development's favorite charity got a boost of money. I won't watch if they do this again, that's for sure.

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Originally posted by Lee Knight:

I missed it. How was The Knack? They had some really good players that I believe are still doing sessions etc.

Keyplayer: The Knack will be on NEXT WEEK. You haven't missed them. Last night it was:

Lover Boy

Flock of Seagulls

CeCe Peniston

Arrested Development



I also thought Tiffany was pregnant and that her outfit was a really poor choice. But my wife said that she wan't pregnant she was just spreading. Either way, she looked like a sausage in that "little black dress" for the second song and she just looked bad in that "hippy meets disco outfit" on the first song.


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I saw it. I thought it was really lame overall. I guess the appeal is really just to see how bad people look after aging another 20 years. :rolleyes:


What was really painful was watching all of them try to do the "hits of today." Most of them didn't do much to change up or "make it their own" (in Ameri-con I-dull lingo). The one exception (IMO) was Arrested Development, who really took LLB's "Heaven" in a different direction. I actually thought they probably deserved to win just for showing that bit of creativity.


Doubt I'll watch any more of them, though. It really was just a waste of an hour.



"I don't know anything about music. In my line, you don't have to."

-Elvis Presley (1935-1977)

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Well, I had to watch it tonight, Martha Davis was on (other bands: The Knack, Hannadey (sp?), Tommy Tutone, and Vanilla Ice).


Lame show, but...the Knack dude is still recording. Martha's doing some kind of cabaret/Cirque du Soleil thing in Seattle. She can still hit the high notes :) . Tommy Tutone: IT specialist. Hannadey can really sing.


Surprisingly, Vanilla Ice was very cool. He was loose, natural, current...sort of like Eminem without the a-hole quotient. Clearly having a great time, doesn't give a damn what other people think, shrugged and smiled when he found out he won, and uses Pro Tools. Good for him.

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My wife said the Knack sounded great doing My Sharona (I was booking a flight for her online. They were the only ones I cared to see. :( )


I did, however, see several others. I never knew Hannadey... but of course I knew his hit song, courtesy of the Roxbury Guys on SNL. :thu: You're right, Craig. He can really sing. I only wish he hadn't done that lame Britney Spears tune for his cover. (And no, that's not a blanket, "Britney Sucks!" reaction. Toxic is simply a lame song.)


The Knack were okay on their cover. I was less than thrilled with Martha Davis. She can sing, but the feel seemed like it was dragging on Only The Lonely and the Nora Jones cover was just bad, IMO.


Eminem... well, I really don't appreciate what he does. Not then, and not now. I'm glad he enjoyed himself performing rather than simply for the idol worship, as it seemed he did in his hey-day.


Tommy Tutone was pretty good. But I wasn't thinking, "Wow! I'm glad I got to hear that!" ;)


Next week we get Cameo and a few others... should be interesting.

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on the whole id say it was a much better show than last week.

(loverboy usually put on better show than that...)


good performances all around

knack and tutone where cool

vh1 gets credit for the motels reunion(vh1 bands reunited)

i was surprized to see vanilla ice reclain his name...he spent so much time trying to distance himself from ice ice baby on the surreal life.

i was expecting the bassist and guitarist from his 'metal' band to come out on the cover and a bit dissapointed they didnt.


i think the show would be better if they dropped one competitor and let the winning band play one of their own NEW songs.


...and wow that host dude is just annoying...

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Fun seeing the original songs, but the covers were mostly awful.


The Knack's lead singer couldn't pull off "Are You Gonna Go My Way"


Tommy Tutone (forget the cover, but it was awful).


Haddaway's version of "Toxic" was close to Karaoke.


The Motel's take on the Norah Jones tune suffered badly after they tried to turn it into an uptempo pop-rocker.


Vanilla Ice was more in touch with what sells today than the others. He said he was covering Destiny Child's "Survivor," but the pop/rap song he came up with bore little resemblance to the original, besides the fact that he repeated the word "Survivor" a bunch. But it had a catchy beat/riff, his delivery was unapologetic - and he won.


Could anyone tell whether the instruments were really being played? The music/mix sounded pretty good for live performances.

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Originally posted by Anderton:

...Tommy Tutone: IT specialist...

I had the privelege of briefly working in the same office with Mr. Heath (aka Mr. Tutone) when he was in Nashville in the early nineties. He tried to keep his "rock star" identity under wraps, but VH1 had his video in heavy rotation on "The Big 80s" at the time. A few of the folkd at the office figured out who he was (I also recognized him from meeting him once in the mid-80s at a Webb Wilder concert).


When I asked him what he was doing working as a computer consultant he replied "Well, I thought it was time to get a real job." :D


Glad to see he's still doing music, even if he didn't win last night.

Mudcat's music on Soundclick


"Work hard. Rock hard. Eat hard. Sleep hard. Grow big. Wear glasses if you need 'em."-The Webb Wilder Credo-

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The Knack were good, IMO.


The host should be publicly tortured.


Vanilla Ice appeared to have listened to Erik Estrada on that Surreal Life experience. Ice was full of 'tude over his past, and the relentlessness of it. Estrada sat him down and told him to buck up, dance with the girl what brought him. Embrace and accept, which was obviously good advice. It did him some good last night, I'd say.


Never underestimate the power of Erik Estrada. :)






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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I have to agree, ole Vanilla Ice was definitely the highlight. Great performance. Great showman, and surprising humility not seen very often short of the gooberesque Garth Brooks sort.
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