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I just looked in my hotmail junk email folder, and all but one of the junk on the first page had that subject. No Google hits for it.


ATI is something computer-related I think, because I immediately think of Aldln (sorry for spelling). ER is the doctordrama, I don't watch it. E & R are popular letters though, it probably stands for something else.


I haven't opened the emails, even though I'm on a virus-invincible mac.


This is not a made-up story :cool:

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Now that you guys have solved that one -- could you turn to cold fusion or clean safe hydrogen?(Boy, why do I think that one [clean, safe hydrogen] is gonna be on the oxymoron lists in another decade or two?)



Anyhow, being webmaster and postmaster for a bunch of sites, I get snowed with spam. Last time I ran without filters and automated bouncing I was getting upwards of 300-400 an hour.

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