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OT silly place names

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Well, for starters, here's The Town Of Dildo, NL. which is about an hour's drive from St. John's.


Then there's Witless Bay (sorry, no link) on the Southern Shore of the Avalon. And believe it or not, there's also a Hare Bay (not as funny typed out, but thrown into casual conversation, and watch the eyes widen :D )


My parents (and GF) are from an Island community on the Southwest coast of NL called "Ramea" (pronounced RAM-e-ya) which is derived from the French term "les rameaux" which means 'cluster of islands'. Again, typed doesn't do it as much justice as when you say it faster in conversation....




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Originally posted by blackpig:

Here's a pretty amusing list of such real world places...




Pis Pis River (Nicaragua)

Wankendorf (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)

Wet Beaver Creek (Australia)




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Originally posted by 4-Dak Recorder:

ZAP, North Dakota

The only riot ever in North Dakota was in ZAP on May 10th 1969 and the National Guard had to be called out to disperse the crowd that had come from all over the US.

Yup, that was the great "Zap in". Zip to Zap was the slogan. ND's own Woodstock. Supposed to be a great outdoor rock concert. It got big enough to scare the local law enforcement people who tried to shut it down. They caused the riot themselves. They could've handled that differently. The "Zap in" tried for a repeat, but local law enforment agencies got so involved that it just fizzled.



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I grew up in the country on Dogtown Road. Everybody just called it that, don't know the origin. It got official just a few years back when the emergency folks needed hard addresses for finding people in the countryside.


Some smart young fellers snapped that up as a band name.

band link: bluepearlband.com

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There's a small village in Austria called 'Fu--ing".

In German that word doesn't mean anything, but in English, well, you know...

If I'm not mistaken, tourists love to go there just to take a picture of the sign.

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There are three towns in succession along a Texas highway, Alice, Comfort and Louise. There used to be (and may still be) a motel in Comfort that advertised, "Why not sleep in Comfort between Alice and Louise?"
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If you don't make it to Intercourse, PA, you wind up in Blue Ball, PA (just to the northeast).


Of course, Intercourse is right next to Paradise, PA.

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