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Hey People I Saw at NAMM!

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I forgot how cool it was to meet folks in real life that you know off the internet. Over the course of NAMM's four days, I saw and spoke to a bunch of MusicPlayer folks, including Soapbox, AudioMusica, GusTrax, Valky, Jeff Leites, Dano and several others whose names are escaping me right now. Of course, I saw our esteemed moderator Craig, as well as Keyboard Corner moderator Dave Bryce. I saw eMagic's steadyb, who was deep in demos whenever I walked by their beautiful booth, so I didn't bug him. On the second night of the show, we had an informal reunion of about 40 former Alesis employees at the Mariott, which was also fun. It's cool to know that nearly all of us remained in the industry after our time with that company came to a close. Thanks for making the effort to stop by and say hi, SSS members! It was a great show for us at TASCAM, and seeing you folks made it all the better. - Jeff
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It was nice to meet you, Jeff, and many others. It's always great to be able to put faces to all the names.

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[quote]Originally posted by GusTraX: [b]Hey Jeff, It was nice meeting you too! Hopefuly next time you'll make it! Maybe Summer NAMM we'll do it again! Talk soon! Chris AM[/b][/quote] OK, Gus was staying at my place and didn't log out one late night, so the previous post was mine. ;)
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