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So, if you were going to make your own music video...

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- Platform: Apple

- Final Cut Pro (I haven't even tried it though)

- DVD Studio Pro 2 (to make DVD/s if needed/wanted)

- Moderately professional camera


Why? Kind of a no brainer. I am getting more curious about the Mac's ability anyway and would like to try video editing sometime.

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It depends on what kind of videos you want to make, what your capture medium is, and your platform. For DV capture:


Mac - Final Cut Pro

Windows - Vegas 5 or Adobe Premiere

Amiga - never mind...

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I used FInal Cut Pro on my most recent thing, Hit The Road , pre-production test kind of thing.

I would also consider Premier, from Adobe.

If you're Mac-based, I would get Final Cut Express. It'll run you about $299, and it'll have all the stuff you need.

otherwise, I'd recommend Vegas. I played with an earlier version of it a few years back, and even though it's a PC program, I was impressed. :D

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If I were gonna make a vid, it would be of my own band and it would be just a multi-angle stage performance for demo purposes. Therefore, any inexpensive editor which has good crossfades, chargen, overlay, and a few decent effects would do the job. HT Editor is pretty good, as are some others that can be had for well under $100.

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Vegas, FinalCut...whatever. And definitely on of this three compositing tools:


discreet combustion



After Effects 6.5 pro



Apple Motion



Why? - because if the video you desire exceeds a certain complexety you have to go into compositing.

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I used MediaStudio Pro V5 , V6 and now V7 made by Ulead Systems on my videos going back 5 years ago. I'm now working on a new drum teaching DVD with V7.

I love it. To see examples of what I can do with it my 2 music videos are at http://musicinit.com/pvideos.html


The only effect that was done with other software is where I'm pulling the skin on my face. (Kais Super Goo) So all of the other effects, transitions, and filters were in Media Studio Pro 6.



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I would use a phone book.


Or maybe musicplayer.com forums.


I'd be sure to enlist someone that knows wtf they're doing, bc i sure don't



I've seen some videos from folks here (One from Gus, two from Techristian) and they looked pretty good.

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