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OT - No call list

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We signed up on the national and state lists when they first came out. It really has cut down on the sales calls.


We still get a few, but they are not "sales calls" anymore. They have all magically turned into "surveys".

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Tennessee has had a no-call list for several years. We also signed up for the national, no-call list in case the federal list caused the state lists to go away. (Didn't want to end up with 3 months of freebies to the tele-marketing companies!) Both were/are free.


We have been left entirely alone since a few months after joining the Tennessee list. Come to think of it, I believe the Tennessee list was formed when we lived in our last apartment. We bought our home 7 years ago, so it's been around at least that long.


The only phone calls we've received in the past few years that were unsolicited are from politicians. (who are exempt, but who I will not vote for based on the invasion of privacy. No, I'm not kidding. They'd have to have one heck of a good reason for me to vote for them if they can't respect my privacy.) I also receive calls from the radio survey people, but that's because I've participated in the past and never refused them. Finally, charity calls, which are also exempt. But even those were greatly reduced after the first list went into effect. I guess they realized that when I said I didn't want to be bothered at home by a pitch, sales or otherwise, many of them realized that calling me would be fruitless.

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I signed up for the national list. It costs nothing, and it's been extremely effective.


The few times I have been called, I start grilling the person, asking if he/she is aware of the fine amounts per call that will be imposed, and asking for names of their board of directors.


Man, that gets them off the phone fast!


Anyway, sign up here: National Do Not Call Registry


- Jeff

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Originally posted by LiveMusic:

In Texas, I see it costs $2.40 per list and there's two lists. You have to pay? Seems odd. Does your state charge?

Sounds like a scam to me - - sort of like those scholarship brokers who want to charge you a $1000 for information you can get free off the internet...
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