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What photography locations inspire you most?

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Joshua Tree National Park in California is where I first began doing night photography. That's where it all stated, messing around and not having any clue what I was doing with a film camera, trying to take photos of a meteor shower. I frequently refer to this place as my spiritual home for night photography. It's easily one of my favorite places to photograph.


These photos are all of Ryan Ranch. I returned here to photograph again. I had not quite nailed my photos from last time, so I wanted to really get them down this time.


What places inspire you the most? Where did you begin doing photography?

1001 kenlee 240121_40sf63iso800 Joshua Tree National Park - Pentax Ryan Ranch from interior 2048px.jpg


0993 kenlee 240121_20sf63iso800 Joshua Tree National Park - Pentax Ryan Ranch Wall shadows tree facing campground 4x5crop 2048px.jpg


0978 kenlee 240120_30sf63iso800 Joshua Tree National Park - Pentax Ryan Ranch Wall shadows 4x5 CROP 2048px.jpg

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I never really gravitated to shooting places although I did do some work to learn what I am inclined towards (or not).

I've taken photos of random street scenes here and there, including a cardboard sign in the gutter that said "yesterday, I had a banana".


I enjoy working with models and usually the set ups are fairly simple. 

It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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So no specifically favorite places, eh? 


Do you have some examples of your photographs with models?

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