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The next big thing- The Ukelele??

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According to informed sources, the ukulele was George Harrison's favorite instrument. He collected 'em. When he went into a new town, he'd hit the pawn shops looking for ukuleles...and if he had company over, he'd bring out a bunch of ukes and they'd have a jam.
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Originally posted by Kendrix:



Ive got to hear this guy.

Listen here!

Sorry, it's a RAM file. :freak:


Oh! Here\'s an MP3.


Our Joint


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Cool sorta bluesy thing there, thanks for posting the link, Dak.


When I saw McCartney a couple years ago...he did a campy version of "Something" on a Uke, as a tribute to the then-recently-deceased Harrison. I guess ukuleles were popular in the UK early on, and a lot of acts featured ukulele performers. The Beatles sort of gave a nod to that influence at the end of the "Free As A Bird" video.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Thanks for the link, Dad!


Well... it was nice... but not enough to see it as "the next big thing".

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Oh yeah, I could hear that now, the uke through a digital delay and the accordion through a distortion pedal... Cool sound.. :)


Originally posted by GTRBass:

You know what the next big thing is???


A Uke and accordion duo.


I need to call PRS and se if they'll build me a PRS Dragon uke.

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I grew up playing Ukes - love them especially en mass.


The next big thing in Australia I reckon will be Bollywood!! after a doco I saw last night on it's creeping influence into the aussie dance culture.


An aussie born Indian muso has just had a No 1 in India with a Bollywood style track (sung in Indian) - imagine the royalties!! :eek:




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