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The current best web search engine?

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What are people here using as the primary search engine? It seems that in the past year Google has really lost usefulness for me. Put a company name into the search and you may get three pages of links to sites that sell a product by that company before finding the official company website. :rolleyes:



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I used to think Google--but now I am not quite sure..


I have a website and have been watching the search bot traffic, then check the engines to see what they have indexed.


I think Google is slipping, and that engines serviced by inktomisearch.com are gaining major traction. According to the inktomi (a Yahoo subsidary), their partners onclude: Amazon.com, eBay, HotBot, MSN and WalMart.com.


I am finding msn.com is rapidly gaining speed on Google. Used to be MSN.com really sucked, since web sites had to pay to be indexed. Seems no longer to be the case.


Other experiences?

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