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Podcast hosting

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One thing that people may no realise if very new to podcasting, is that you need to have somewhere for your podcast episode files to sit. There are many ways to do this, including (but not limited to):


1. Have you own website and then host or link to the files on that website server. This is the way I approach it, using a third party podcast hosting plugin. The files themselves actually sit on the podcast host's servers, but it's fully integrated into my own website. I've used this approach for many years across a number of podcasts and find it works well.


Pros: good control over your content, a good host allows you to easily ensure your podcast is going out to all the major services e.g. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, TuneIn etc etc.


Con: depending on host and how many downloads your podcast is getting, can be expensive


2. Use a service like Spotify for Podcasters to upload your files. This can be a good option for those starting out and unsure if they'll make this a long-term thing. There are good free options here, but there are downsides.


Pros: easy interface, can be free.

Cons: If you want to really know how your podcast is doing you'll need to play for analytics. Some services will box you in as fas as how widely the podcast will be distributed.


3. Upload to Spotify / YouTube / Apple Podcasts only. If you are happy to be boutique, you can just have one channel for content. Some people for example upload their podcast to YouTube only - either audio or with video. This can be ok, and YouTube now allow you to set up a podcast playlist specifically.


Pros: easy and inexpensive

Con: you are really limiting your ability to reach a wider audience


Love to hear your comments, and happy to answer any questions as well :)



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