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Hurricane Charlie...brother-in-law is somewhere in PUNTA GORDA

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We'll certainly be praying that everything's okay. I know Punta Gorda was hard hit...especially a trailer park there...but, keep in mind, communications are probably going to be iffy for a bit, and, if he's okay (which we pray he is), he might be having a hard time calling out.
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Wow....I'm glad all is well with your family...smart move.

I'm sitting here watching the local news (I"m just west of Orlando) and they are showing Punta Gorda...total devastation. A car on a lift is all that is left of a gas station...a full sized mini van got blown around like a leaf...a wall of a hotel fell on the 20 cars parked outside of it...trailer parks were scenes of total destruction...not a pretty sight! We were lucky in that the storm blew east of us so we just got hit with heavy rain...no power loss...





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Having been in a hurricane myself, I can assure you it's a very scary situation!! I was in the middle of hurricane Hugo in '89 when it came through Gastonia, 200 miles in from Charleston, SC, where it made land fall.


We got 90 m.p.h. winds here in town, and there were lots of trees and power lines down. Blown transformers and sub-stations kept the power out for weeks, and driving down our street was like driving in a tunnel; tree trunks lined the sides of the road after we cut them up and got them out of the yard.


My thoughts and prayers are with those unlucky folks in Florida who were in the path of Charley, and I'm glad your relative is safe, Dan.


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