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this home recording stuff is kind of cool

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I realize that there are a lot of you who are deep deep into recording and who have and are producing cd's of your own. However, I'm just in the toying stage. I have a Sound Tech mixer I connect to my computer through an Echo Darla 24. So far, not really knowing what I'm doing, I just run everything through the mixer and then into the Darla. From the Darla I run out to a set of headphones to listen. I can monitor the inputs through the PA speakers. I have been playing around with N-Trac Studio, and should decide if I'm going to keep it and pay them. It certainly has anything I'll need for my current use, which basically is just as a toy. The thing that amazes me is how technology has made it possible for this to happen. I can remember putting a mic by my old piano back in college and running the mic into my old Teac real to real. Editing? There was no editing. It was re-take after re-take until it sounded ok.



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I'm in the toying stage too...and my setup isn't too awful far from yours. I don't have the knowledge to create anything "great"...but, I figure I'll play with it awhile and see how it goes...and then take the demos to someone who can kinda help me get them to where I want them to be.


Oh yeah...one of the coolest things about home recording is what I call "no stress recording". You can just kick back and do as many takes as you want...with no clock ticking. And actually, I think doing that helps you get rid of "red light fever" when you go into a real facility.

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home recordin' IS the SHIZ-NIT iffen' you grok' me 'woids.

to be able to slam a tune in the can and almost instantly put it out for the entire world to check out VIA the web is to me like a freakin' miracle..

I have at my fanger tips an entire ARSENAL of experts, ex-stars, ex- techs, free effects and printable specs, ta' hep' me larn' almost everting mon'; to make my music sound RADIO READY.. ahahahah I like that.

and I thank yew,

thank yew for lettin' me share... !

Frank Ranklin and the Ranktones



FRANKIE RANKLIN (Stanky Franks) <<<

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I started out in the twilight days of the (first) analog era. I've owned something like 9 reel to reel tape recorders and a simply unknown number of cassette machines. And I edited plenty on those analog machines (razor blade and tape) and got pretty darn good and pretty fast at it. Editing -- and getting good drum sounds -- was my forte.


Now, it's all too easy -- and too cheap. When I think about the thousands and thousands of dollars I poured into outmoded technologies that were mammoth one moment and passe the next... well, like the guy in the Howlin' Wolf song sez... I spent more money than most kings will ever have...


I remember a day when it was almost impossible to buy a big diaphragm condenser mic or a tube preamp for under a thousand clams... I just saw a combo deal on a condenser mic and a tube pre at Guitar Center for $150!


It's a great time to get into home recording... but not a great time to try to dump outmoded technology... ;)

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To the average person, spending what I spent...:


- $1500 Fantom-S

- $1800 Powerbook

- $100 Edirol Monitors

- $50 Headphones

- $250 Logic Big Box

- $280 Fender Strat (bought in 1997 though, the rest from later 2003)


TOTAL: $3980 -/+


To the average person that's alot of money. To me it's a bargain because I have everything necessary to create the music I want. The only thing that factors what music it is, the resulting quality and experience - that's all upon me, to do an honest and good job. I have plans of expanding, but not at the moment. For years I always wanted to have my own little studio, and I've had a start for awhile now. I'm very happy about that - I went and did it.

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Its cool, ain't it? I've noticed you've bitched a bit about the lack of culture/music in your hometown; as a former resident of someplace worse (Grand Forks) I'm anxious to hear what you come up with. Fidelity isn't the issue, the ideas are!

AND, I want to know what CWFNO stands for ! Cough it up, soldier! :D


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I realize that there are a lot of you who are deep deep into recording and who have and are producing cd's of your own. However, I'm just in the toying stage.


I started experimenting , 4 years before I began playing drums, at the age of 12, with 2 cassette recorders bouncing back and forth. Now at the age of 48, 10 tape recorders and 10 computer sequencers later I'm nearly done my second CD but.........


You will have to ask Craig if I have "professional" sound yet. However, having said that, I want to say that I hope that I never stop "toying" ! If I ever stop experimenting, all of my music from that day forward will sound the same ! There are certain musical rules that I never want to break, but there are others that I want to bend. On my first CD I synthesized a fuzz guitar with my voice through a virtual flanger and fuzz box.


On my second CD I discovered the power and limitation of "real loops" and "virtual synths".


On my next CD I plan to PLAY MY VOICE with a keyboard. I don't want to go into too much detail, but I will just say that it will involve the use of a harmonizer , LIVE VOCAL , and a midi keyboard.







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