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OT: A good news story

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Homeless Drug User Donates Thousands to Gallery


For two years, 56-year-old alcohol and crack user Don panhandled and slept in the doorway of the Blue Room Gallery in San Francisco. He recently expressed his gratitude for owner Paul Mahder's kindness a month ago with a check for $10,000, the first money he spent since he received a sudden inheritance of $187,000 from his estranged mother, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on July 21.


"They've been good to me for years at this gallery, and I wanted to pay them back. I know I haven't led much of a life to be proud of, and I can't even remember half of it. But for once, I wanted to do something right," Don said.


For 25 years, Don was in and out of prison for burglaries and robberies. He has stayed out of jail for four years, but has been homeless and addicted to crack and alcohol, sometimes going on binges with the monthly $850 federal disability money he has been receiving for over a year.


After his contribution, Don moved into a clean residential hotel and began drug and alcohol counseling. He is currently looking for a trailer park for his new home, a $35,000 trailer.

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