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MPN Gear Chat: Tom Brislin/Kansas

Dave Bryce

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Tom Brislin is a great keyboardist. I have loved his work with Yes, Meatloaf and Kansas, and I think Tom Brislin has a very good taste in music. He does a great job recreating the keyboard sounds of the two original members, Steve Walsh and Kerry Livgren.


The original keyboardist for Kansas, Steve Walsh actually lives in my neighborhood. I have yet to run into him though...


Point of Know Return and Leftoverture are both good albums. Lots of good ARP and Moog keywork on those albums...

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35 minutes ago, David Bryce said:

Got a chance to do a video gear chat with brother Tom this afternoon.  Will post it shortly…


Looking forward to that. Other than hanging with him at GearFest a few years ago, pre pandemic, I have never had a chance to see him play live. 

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Love the angled Gibraltar stands, man... the whole rig is quite drool-inducing.


And yes, curious if you got a quick look at any of the other rigs on stage there. I saw The War on Drugs this summer and there was a similarly loaded stage - every time you looked at a different musician you realised they also had a couple sets of keys at their disposal.

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27 minutes ago, MAJUSCULE said:

curious if you got a quick look at any of the other rigs on stage there. 

 Well, one of the rigs was just a NordPiano5 by itself that Tom plays for the acoustic set....so nothing much to see there. :idk:


Ronnie Platt's rig was a MOTIF with a Hammond SK1.  I did not take detailed shots of those. 





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8 hours ago, David Bryce said:

Thanks so much to Tom for taking the time do do this!!!  Hope you guys enjoy it.

very enjoyable. TB seems very humble considering his pedigree.  Love the Moog Voyager over the Dave Smith Prophet Rev 2 .:cool:

Those keyboards don't often get the respect they deserve, IMO. A little surprised he chose IK Syntronics over G Force for Solina sounds,

just goes to show it's the artist, not the brush.


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