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Just for Fun (or background info) -- "SongFacts" website

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I just stumbled onto this website the other day, while trying to find the meaning behind the Who's song title Baba O'Riley * after reading about how Pete Townshend did the opening and rhythmic sounds on a Lowrey organ.


SongFacts home page = www.songfacts.com


* The song's title has an interesting backstory for sure, but I read the song is always played to a track live -- they don't try to duplicate it realtime.

( Besides -- who wants to gig with a Lowery!?!? )


Some of the classic rock songs I search on weren't there, but many were -- enjoy!


Old No7

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They call it Song Facts but it is a Wiki with a lot of hear-say, not that some hear-say cannot be the truth. Although it can be fun and interesting it annoys me seeing people declaring "fact" when I know something isn't true.


In the 70's a local music store advertised a demo of what I thought was a synth claiming it was used on that song. They definitely did not call it an organ. I was young and awestruck by everything in a music store. I attended the demo. I thought it was a very limited instrument. That effect is forever locked to the Who song and it was a one trick pony. Maybe it was a different Who song and effect.

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