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Building your synth from euro racks

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Waldorf has the KB37


I've seen it used on reverb for $800.  Don't see it offered by the big US dealers. 


Sonic state recently reviewed the Nify Keyz from cre8audio, 


US dealers retail at $599.99.






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Was just reading about the Nifty Keys, it looks pretty attractive. I could definitely see having one as a controller for my modular stuff, if this had been available when I got my KeyStep Pro, I would have seriously considered it as an alternative.

Turn up the speaker

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It's a keeper

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I bought the Nifty Case combo a while back. Small Eurorack case and two modules. The case if full featured but made very cheaply. The modules are junk, but very cheap and you cannot really complain for the price paid. However, it makes me dubious about buying anything else of that brand. After using the modules for noise and modulations for a while I removed them from the case. Probably would not buy it again and will not take a chance on this keyboard. I'll still recommend the Arturia MiniBrute 2 and a RackBrute over this for beginners to Eurorack.

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