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Nightaxians Episode 3 - "Weather" or not to shoot!

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Nightaxians Episode 3 - "Weather" or not to shoot! Dark with a chance of night photography - talkin' weather.


We were recently asked about how weather affects our nights out. Since we all live in different areas of the country, we all have different answers.



#nightaxians #videopodcast #Youtube

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So after meeting Mike in Nevada back in October....  I just realized at the end of this video that he is "Nocturnal Kansas"!  I've been watching his photos for years!  I never made the connection until I saw the link at the end of the video.  Cool stuff, from all of you guys!  

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Thanks. They're a lot of fun to do. I'm so glad you like them!


He's moved again! He's probably going to be "Nocturnal Ar_Kansas" or "Nocturnal (Ar)_Kansas" or something like that. He has two books out. I wrote an article about his light modifiers for an upcoming Photofocus article too. 


You can see Mike talking a lot about the fisheye lens in our latest Nightaxians video that we just posted.



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