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GForce OB-e V2


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I simplified my vendor list over the past two years, so I almost hate to see this temptation to add another vendor back to  my active list, but probably I won't be tempted as I find synths best for unusual sounds and certain types of leads and basses, so the synth brass and synth string stuff that are what most seem to go for, I much prefer to do on natural instruments these days. But with Oberheim endorsing this re-do of the OB-E and whatever they did to make it multi-platform, may cause me to cave in.

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10 hours ago, mate stubb said:

GForce stuff almost always sounds terrific. 

agree with this 100%, I own every other product they make. I already have the 8 Voice from Cherry Audio else I would buy this one. 

Typically, I don't buy multiple synth VST's that are the same, I don't use them enough to justify that



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13 minutes ago, CyberGene said:

Does Cherry Audio support aftertouch?


Yes, I just tried assigning AT to "Filter Offset".

At a 1st glance, it seems to be impossible when using Midi learn,- but it works.


right-click the virtual pot

choose Midi Learn

play a note and press ...


now, you´ll be disappointed because the note itself toggles between min & max offset values,- but:

left-clich Midi Indicator button !

That opens a Midid controler list to the left of 8-Voice.

You´re able to do the MIdi Learn process also from that menue,- but because you already did the other way (see above) there´s the option to change the already assigned controller TYPE ( i this case note > pressure) and adjust min and max amount with the 2 virt. pots to the right in the list.


Consequently you´re able to assign any MIDI CC to any parameter even w/ controller devices being limited in physical controls,- p.ex. a DX7mkII data slider and if done, change the controller in the list of 8-Voice.


Very comfortable !

Hope that helps

I´m out now and back tonite ...






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Possibly a little irrational, but after trying the demo and watching a couple videos,




I wanted to show respect to Tom and Marcus. They made what I consider to be some of the best synths ever. 

When I think 'synth', I think 'Oberheim'.

Also as a token of gratitude to Dave for GForce.   GForce offers some of the best sounding softsynths I've run across.

It also doesn't hurt that OB-e sounds magnificent to me..  YMMV

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