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Who did this song?

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I heard it tonight for the first time in probably 12 or so years; I think the title is "I Love Your Smile"; female vocalist; main riff is one of the most unbelievably whistle-able things I have EVER heard. Kinda cutesy Janet Jackson-pop-y, early '90's production, chord progression something Lisa Stansfield might've turned into a hit.


Hell...maybe it IS Janet? Simply do not remember...


Beuller? Anyone?

I've upped my standards; now, up yours.
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Originally posted by Sunny.:

Shanice Shoplin

No jhit!

Joe Pine (60's talk show host who sported a wooden leg) to Frank Zappa -- "So, with your long hair, I guess that makes you a woman." Frank Zappa's response -- "So, with your wooden leg, I guess that makes you a table."




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