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Just thought I'd share some pics of tonights' finale of July 4th

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I wished that I would have had my camera coming home from work; the Blue Angels were in the middle of an air show at Municipal Airport. I nearly crashed a few times gawking off the road while watching the planes. It was incredibly distracting and more awesome than any time where I have ever attended an air show. I mean, I was right upon the planes and not watching them from a distance; I was crossing a bridge that is quite a bit more elevated than what the airport landing is. One was flying just off to my left and I was watching to see what it was going to do; just prior to going over my head in the car, the plane shot straight up in a spiral.. it was incredible being THAT close and watching the sun reflecting on the wings of the plane as it jetted upward I watched it as much as I could without crashing. Then, there were 5 planes flying together and one split off in one direction in an hoop, while the other 4 hooped in the other direction. They came straight back towards one another and the one flew through the middle of the four.. You guys have got to know that I was having a hard time keeping my eyes on the road. They were THIS CLOSE <> Then for a few seconds I got to watch all 5 planes spiraling in unison while flying flat and not in an upward spin. Although I had to work this afternoon, once I got off work the day was stellar.... and spectacular.

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I sat on Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington N.C. and watched the fireworks all around. There were about six different big shows going on, and people on the beach were shooting Roman candles, and smaller incendiary devices.


And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air. Land of The Free, Home Of The Brave, for now.

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Originally posted by NYC Drew:

...They were THIS CLOSE <>....


I think you mean "><" close! :)


Great pix with the fireworks.


NYC Drew

:o Yeah, that makes a little more sense that way. ><


...and thanks, I had fun taking them.


Geez, I didn't know the Blue Angels were at Municipal Airport. Damn!


The fireworks...is that the Mamba at Worlds of Fun in the foreground?

Yeah Ted, the Mamba it is!


Blue Angels got here Friday and started firing up. I travel N. Broadway to commute to work and noticed them buzzing around then. On Saturday, they were having a show, but N. Broadway had several cars pulled off to the sides so I had to pay a lot of attention to driving on that narrow ended stretch of road through there. I was only able to look long enough to see them buzz over the top of my car, but no longer.


On Sunday, they closed all the exit ramps to N. Broadway and rerouted any traffic via the Paseo Bridge or the Heart of America. I opted for Paseo and I'm glad I did. There was hardly no cars traveling on the highway so there were three lanes wide open. I was able to get some really good glances in and, at times, they seemed close enough to swing a butterfly net and capture them... (exaggerated, but they were a lot closer than ANY show that I've ever attended on the grounds where they hold them)


I think the name of the show was The Fabulous Thunder or something like that. It's been advertised on billboards around the city. They were even buzzing over the top of the Post Office, and I thought to just stand in the parking lot at work... but it was too far away to catch any of the action, just the tail end of their routines and fly out path. Going through all those narrow bridges downtown with them buzzing around was a bit nerve racking. Once I got out on the Paseo though, where it's a straight run for miles at end, it was a lot easier to watch. Man, I'll never forget that jet that looked like it was headed straight for me and then just squaring the air out and going straight up in a spiral... that's probably one of the most awesome things that I've ever seen at that close of range. The other things were pretty cool too, but I'm mean, WOW!!!! I'll never forget that. The Blue Angels come to town almost every year. I think that's it's usually around the 4th of July when they come. They either hold the air shows at Municipal or Richards Gebaur.

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My wife made the comment last night how fortunate we are to live in a part of the world where fighter jets flying overhead and explosions in the sky, are actually a comforting thing. The airshow and fireworks display were not followed by anyone carrying their child's body through the streets.


How lucky we are to live in a land with that kind of peace and security.

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