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New guitar day, but not new


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Something jumped out at me when I was checking out my local music store . Yeah I bought it.

A 1984 matsumoku made aria pro two inazuma v. Alder body maple neck with rosewood fretboard. Dual tapable humbuckers and a trem with a big solid block. It's a nice playing super strat.

And it was a no brainer..75 bucks!!!

Metallic green and no electronic issues . I almost walked by until I checked the trem cavity and seen the big block, I knew it wouldn't have that if it was an entry level aria. Japanese built

A lot of my past aquisitions were japanese guitars, which I seem to accidently find here in rural Nova Scotia. My last ibanez was an 86 roadster with the edge original trem and unfinished neck .

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Do any of you know anything about the pickups? Or had experience with aria humbuckers. I haven't tried them loud yet but they sure clean up nice.

I'm stripping it down for a setup tonight so I make sure I take pics but it's been awhile since I've posted pics so I'm unsure how I do that.

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Searchin', I see mention of "Protomatic-V Humbuckers" in those, but, beyond that... ?


Are these pretty typical looking humbuckers with exposed coils and slug and screw pole-pieces, or... ? I see some had fat rail-type pole-pieces...



Is this with a more or less Fender-style trem-bridge, or a Floyd style, or... ?

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Fender style but stamped saddles. The saddles are probably stamped . I looked in the control cavity and..normal full sized pots. I read that they used top quality stuff at aria in the early years. I didn't expect to find full sized pots though.

The buckers are standard open coil with slightly rounded slugs on the slug coil. All screws are turned 90 degrees from the string direction. I wonder if that was done at the factory. I know we tend to do that now but either the owner did that or matsumoku did that detail in 84.

Anyhoo it is top notch build and ripe for modding if I choose. All the inazuma models had varied pups. I read they had some with Allen screws like dimarzio, rumour is the designer consulted dimarzio, some high end models came with dimarzio so who knows.

I've heard the pickup name mmk45 mentioned in a few aria discussions.

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