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Does "808 Day" actually mean anything forward looking?

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Is there a significance of '808 Day' as the announcement date for new products and enhancements to existing products?


I have seen acknowledgements of the 40th anniversary of the TR-808 today, but I don"t care about that a whole lot.


Are there usually announcement from product due today? I guess I don"t really understand what '808 Day' means for customer expectations.

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Gotta hand it to Sweetwater - they're on the ball, with an article to sell 808-themed stuff like Tiptop Eurorack modules, Behringer clone, all ready to go and tease credit cards out of readers' wallets.



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Dave, that was very amusing. The 808 was so much the voice of early techno that its a bit hard not to look sideways at it. You haven't arrived unless you have its soundset somewhere in your rig; its still perfectly usable when treated. I guess it was too much cowbell, too often. :/


I got with the program, because I ended up with an Octapad, a 707 and 727 for a while. Aspects of it were on the stiff or clunky side, but it was jaw-dropping fun all the same. No tool is useless unless you never pick it up.

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 "Well, inside, I'm screaming.
    ~ "The Lazarus Project"

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