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RIP Peter Green

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Co-founder of Fleetwood Mac and one of the best of the British electric blues guitarists, IMHO up there with Clapton, Page, and Beck.

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Was supposed to open for him about 12 years ago at BB Kings in NYC... main stage.. we were all looking forward to the gig - and staying true to form he canceled a week and a half before ...

He did have a rough life.... supposedly on after gig party in Germany in the late 60's someone dosed him w/o his knowledge and another band mate with a huge amount of micrograms of LSD and he was never the same

he had trouble after that.... walked out on contracts with millions of dollars on the table, Mick Fleetwood was shocked... but he was brilliant... his phrasing was really really good, next level for those times good... and he wrote Black Magic Woman,,,

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Both he and Danny Kirwan made such huge contributions and both at such a young age.


The rock and roll lifestyle took many back then.... At least Peter and Danny lived through all of it but at a huge cost.


The Beatles tune Here Comes The Sun King was highly influenced by Fleetwood Mac's Alnbatross. I always heard the influence of early 60s instrumentals in Fleetwood Mac and I appreciated their ability to make simple structures effective.


Unfortunately Peter suffered too much damage to ever make an effective comeback. Anyone who thinks that the party substances of the 60s were harmless has only to look at Peters case. I hope his later years were at least pleasant....his contribution was enormous.


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My main band did a version of this a while back. Peter Green's performance on this recording is outstanding. [video:youtube]
These are only my opinions, not supported by any actual knowledge, experience, or expertise.
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Here Comes the Sun King? Is that one of the mash-ups from the Love production?

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On tonight's rehearsal roster for my classic rock covers band: Black Magic Woman.


(Not because of PG's death, just a coincidence... this Santana cover was one we meant to add to our roster months ago... just getting around to it now).


So, now that he's gone... we are doing it "in tribute" to PG.

Kurzweil PC3, Yamaha MOX8, Alesis Ion, Kawai K3M
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