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MIDI 2.0: wait before buying an expensive controller?

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As I'm on the lookout for a new 88-key piano board, largely for external MIDI control duties. Is the next year or two going to see a lot of new products like this racing to accommodate MIDI 2.0, to the point where keyboard that don't have it look limited/obsolete in a few years time?


I'm also very interesting in all the new "flexible" controllers emerging - Seaboard, Osmose etc. Haven't bought one yet but intend to when the time is right. May well then want master keyboard to action as receiving device, playing sounds triggered by MIDI 2.0 input.


Is it the wrong time to buy?

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I don't go by ' timing the market '


the manufacturers have 2.0 spec for some years.


If your priority, is serious music production, taking advantage of 2.0, currently that Roland is it.


If you are a casual musician, sure, you can wait many months or a year or 2, that's up to you


I don't believe NAMM 2021 will have as many ' new products ' as in prior years.


The tariffs , logistics, various well known global obstacles are slowing new product development.


That might be a factor in your decision.

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