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Post Covid-19 Plans

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The budgets are getting slashed in Casinos, the Conventions and Corporate gigs were all cancelled.

No biggie I can do solo Piano, but it"s boring, I don"t need the money, I need the action, seeing fine trim. Dancing, etc.


Club bands are stuck at 100 per member and I"m tired of compromising with others on picking somgs only older folks like me like.


My answer, I bought the Akai MPC Live, and will use it for drums and bass.

I bought the Roland Vocoder Pedal and TC VoiceRack with programmable Microphone.


Going to be the live Karaoke EPiano man.

I will play EPianos, synth licks, horns, etc.

I"ve already got 2 dancer/singer types, but they"re not going to be full time, so I decided to get all of the Arianna Grande, CardiB, etc. type tunes programmed and use different singers all the time. My niece sings all of this music and said I will make a fortune since clubs down here doing this are big wait in line Casino clubs. Smaller clubs off strip will be perfect. Plus they"re DJs only, nobody jams live keys, those cats get big money too.

Gonna get me some.


I"m going dress like Will Ferrell and call myself Gator and the Ho"s just like the movie.

Can"t start giggin until Summer but have already nailed 6 popular hip hop tunes.


Screw these tributes, I"m burnt out on them anyway.


Got me a Cool hat, fake gold teeth and a Mr. T. Starter kit (a few big gold chains)


Gonna get some, gonna get paid to have fun again. Farewell boring ass tributes.


Going for the Gator look.


24-FEB090-10-B3-41-ED-8735-8745187-CEB4-E.gifare there any banks open today

Magnus C350 + FMR RNP + Realistic Unisphere Mic
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No biggie I can do solo Piano... I need the action, seeing fine trim.

For whatever it be worth.... I'm pulling fer ya... Gettin' some o that fine trim..!!!


Just remember me, if ya could though... I've been going crazy down here at the Lake. So if ya see anyone who could use some action, send them to me down by the lake.

J a z z P i a n o 8 8


Yamaha C7D

Montage8 | CP300 | CP4 | SK1-73 | OB-6 | Seven

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No biggie I can do solo Piano, but it"s boring, I don"t need the money, I need the action
I totally get that. I've been lucky in the sense that having a new house to get ready and move into, complete with dedicated studio, has given me more of a guiding light for when we slowly ease out of the tunnel. Hoping playing with my bandmates and being creative, making videos and records and further livestreams, will help get us through until we can play to real crowds again. We're artists, we've gotta be creative here, or we'll perish.

Samuel B. Lupowitz

Musician. Songwriter. Food Enthusiast. Bad Pun Aficionado.

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Just don"t give anything away.....this could happen to you.....






1967 B-3 w/(2) 122's, Nord C1w/Leslie 2101 top, Nord PedalKeys 27, Nord Electro 4D, IK B3X, QSC K12.2, Yamaha reface YC+CS+CP


"It needs a Hammond"


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