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Where's flyscots??

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I'm performing a few medical experiments on Coaster. The garlic seems to be working but he's not responding to The Flax Seed Oil. When his parents contact me with the proper account numbers I will release him, somewhere in North Dakota.
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Thanks for asking Nursers. It's nice to be noticed, or at least for you to notice I wasn't around! :)


I've hardly been online at all recently, infact I've been posting less and less as the months have gone by - they're going by far too fast for my liking! As WOW said, I've been working a lot recently but unfortunately most of it is behind a bar, gotta save up the money though. Consequently I haven't had much time to myself of late and I've been trying to be more productive in my spare time - it's easy to waste time online!


I'm still doing the teaching job aswell but that's ran by local council funding, which is very thin, so there's not as much work as I'd like there.


Hopefully things will be looking up soon as I have cut my hours in the pub to allow for more music making time. This means less income for the short term but it will be the best move in the long run.


Of course I'm looking to get back to the US as soon as possible, but unfortunately as things stand possible is not soon :(


Thanks very much Nursers, I appreciate it :thu:


John Scotsman

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Sorry that was a bit rude of me not to reply to everyone.


Super 8, why is there a sign selling shoes in Beef-A-Roo? I'd never noticed that before! I just had a couple of visitors over from Australia, they'd never heard of a beef-a-roo, thought I was taking the piss.


Speaking of which Nursers, I now know how to pronounce Wollongong! It's woolen-gong, not wul-long-gong as I was mistakingly calling it. My Aussie mates got a few giggles at that mispronounciation!


Neil, you have no idea what I'd give to be suffering in the humidity with you right now! It's still showing no signs of summer here. Infact it's raining, again, just like it did yesterday, and Tuesday, and....you get the idea. WHERE IS SUMMER? Is it warm in Sweden yet Mats?


Hey Ken, fancy stopping over here on your way to or from Ghana? Go on, you know it'd be good! Actually, it's warm there, I might come with you! No super long trips for me recently, I've hardly left the county, gas/petrol costs so damn much!


I was looking at some of my US maps the other week. How the hell am I gonna manage to visit everyone again aswell as seeing all these new places in the South!? It's gonna take me a while to save up enough money for that, I'll also need a really good car! All donations welcome!


Right, that's too much time online today, time to make some sounds!

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