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Vonnor, what material did you use for the actual pedalboard?


I just ordered a StudioLogic mp-113 and now have to figure out how to put that, my two expression pedals, two sustain pedals and footswitch on one easily transportable pedalboard. Should be an interesting logistics problem to solve. There is room inside my stand for the sustain pedals to go on each side, but the expression pedals will have to be mounted above somehow. I sit for gigs so hopefully that can be done without making them too high.


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Sam it's a "Hybrid Cases" (or pick one of the 3-4 other company names that dude from Holbrook, NY sells under) https://www.roadcasesusa.com/


Started with one of These guys.


Took the handles and feet off.

Flipped it upside down so the tolex was facing up.

Cut out the curve for the column.

Added a bunch of Penn-Elcom bigass rubber feet - (1.25" tall x 1" dia. if I remember) that straddle the Apex legs and lock the board in place.

Wiring all runs underneath to the junction box. (plastic project box from Radio Shack)

Snake/connectors from Redco - Multi-pin connectors are TE Connectivity from Allied Electronics


~ vonnor


Hardware: Nord Stage3, Korg Kronos 2, Novation Summit

Software: Cantabile 3, Halion Sonic 3 and assorted VST plug-ins.

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Here"s my current pedalboard - I built this one a couple of months ago, since I now no longer needed all of the accessories I have on my original board:




My original board was about 50% deeper, as I was running my Triton EX and Kurzweil SP76 had the following accessories attached:


Korg EXP20 expression pedal

Korg and Kurzweil damper pedals

Korg PS-1

Boss FS-6

Neo Ventilator II

Fender Phaser

IConnectivity MIDI4+


Now that I"m running my Kronos2 (73j with my TEX connected directly via MIDI, I no longer needed many of those accessories and decided to downsize.


They are both cut out to fit around my Ultimate stands, and this one has stand-offs with rubber feet to fit over the legs and sit at a slight angle. They are built out of 1' particle board.


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