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deCoda - new harmony, melody, rhythm recognition software

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If you give it a try, let us know what you think compared with others we've seen here.






deCoda Features At A Glance


Advanced chord and tempo detection algorithms

Flexible looping options

Automatic song structure detection - Part A, B C, A2, B2 etc.

Available on Mac & Windows

GUI designed with a touchscreen in mind

Instantly transpose to a chosen key

Change tempo whilst maintaining the pitch

Focus EQ for isolating parts of the track

Melody information displayed on a piano roll

Exportable MIDI

One off low price for a perpetual license



Why Choose deCoda?


deCoda is simple to use - a very fast learning curve means you can use it in minutes.

Automatic song structure - deCoda works out where verses, choruses and other song elements are also lets you customise them.

Modify time and pitch - You can change the key and speed up or slow down any song to help you learn it faster or in a key that suits you.

Metronome helps you stay in time as you learn the music.

Pianoroll to help identify melody lines or other parts of the song such as a bass line.

Navigate like a pro - Use arrow keys or touch on windows to move around a song fast - no need to worry about using a mouse when playing your instrument.

Focus in on song elements - The focus tool can help to remove other song elements in the audio spectrum so you can hear the part you are trying to learn better and with a simple flip you can use it as a backing track.

Share your project with other users such as students or members of your band.

Export MIDI and use it in other DAWs.

One low priced payment meaning no ongoing subscription to worry about



Testimonials From Top Professionals


"deCoda is everything I"ve wanted in a transcription tool as a guitarist. I can use simple keystrokes to navigate the parts of the song. Easily transpose, speed up or slow down the song. And the visual eq feature is great for zeroing in on parts! I highly recommend.'

Brent Paschke - Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Chris Brown


'In a world filled with amazing software, nothing really surprises me anymore. zplane"s DeCode is an exception and a seriously clever piece of software.'

Pete Boxsta Martin - James Arthur, Tokio Myers, Jesse J




OS: Mac OS min 10.7, Windows min. 7 x86/x64 Audio: CoreAudio, Windows Audio, DirectX, ASIO Video: min 1366x768 resolution

CPU: Min 1.5Ghz

Yamaha CP88, Casio PX-560

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

I bought it the day i saw the annonce, with the introductory price.


I tested the trail on a song called "Canto della libertà", is a song by Ennio Morricone sang by the italian singer Milva.


The interesting thing is that the song modulate up a semitone each refrain, so there a lot of chord changes during the song.

deCoda was quite accurate in the tempo, structure and tonality detection; i checked it on the piano.

The result convinced me to spend the 29 euros.


Up to know i was using Transcribe!, that is a great tool, but my impression was that i'll gain a lot of time just with the basic time/beat/tonality detection for transcriptions.


I am studying the different tutorials for the more advanced tricks.


The software seems stable, fast, simple ergonomy, but you have to look at the (short) tutorials, because i would say the design of the UI do not follows the Mac standards;

it is not weird either, pretty simple clear and linear once you get it; spending 15min on the tutorials will make you gain in time and peace of the mind :->.



I can tell more once i used in a real life case.



Nord Wave 2, Modx 7, Rameau upright,  Hammond Pro44H Melodica.

Too many Arturia, NI and AAS plugins



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