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RIP - Paul Barrere


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... Had just seen him earlier this year with Little Feat. Thanks for the music. RIP


Us too. Godspeed, Paul. Say hey to Lowell for us.

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Crap, that sucks. I remember playing in a bar in Cincinnati back in the 80s, and my band debuting our version of Dixie Chicken. Afterwards, I found out Paul was there in the bar playing pinball. He was very gracious when we were introduced.



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Of course I hate this. I was quite a fan of Little Feat during their classic period.


I had the chance to meet Paul on several occasions. The first time was in the mid '80's when Paul , Richie Hayward and Harvey Brooks ( of Electric Flag fame) were backing up Gary " U.S." Bonds during a period when Bruce Springsteen was trying to kick start Bond's career back into gear.


Little Feat may not have been active during this time, because I wound up doing some more gear rental dates for Richie Hayward around the same time.


I had a chance to talk to these guys, who were heroes of mine. There wasn't much to do during the down time waiting to play so I was able to fire away with a lot a questions, some about Lowell George and some questions to Harvey Brooks about Mike Bloomfield as well.


The party stuff was basically long gone from these guys' life by that time but both Richie and Paul left us much too soon.

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from my FB post yesterday:


"I met and hung out with Paul and T. Lavitz (Dixi Dregs) when they were at the old Lone Star Cafe in downtown NYC, they both were in the 'Bluesblasters' together then in the late 80's with Steve Smith on drums and Freebo on bass....another amazing band. I bought them a round of drinks, T. Lavitz and I talk keyboards .. Paul was gracious and came over to my table and said hello with a hand on my shoulder...both gone now....both amazing players and musicians. Little Feat will never be the same... RIP Paul Barrere. I think Bill will keep the band rolling... Such a great American band with a legacy that came directly from Frank Zappa through Lowell, Bill Payne and Roy Estrada.., LA finest! Bill was not in the Mothers but came to LA to audition for them and met Lowell ... we will see, but Paul's departure is a huge one as was of course Lowell's and Richie Hayward's. Billy runs the band but this shouldn't be talked about now! ".....


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