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A question for Korg Vox Continental owners - weird noise?


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Been excited about getting one of these. But seem to keep hitting roadblocks...


After returning my first Vox did to a bad key, a new replacement arrived today. Putting it through its paces I am hearing a strange sound when depressing the sustain pedal.


On the Grand Piano patches 1, 3 and 6 I hear a slight, brief hiss when I step down (almost like air hissing) and a slight thud upon release. The release seems like it might be an intentional emulation of an actual sustain pedal. Dont understand the hiss though, and I dont hear it in any other piano, EP or synth patches.


Can any Vox users confirm if they experience the same? Or did I get another bad unit?


Thanks in advance.

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I'm betting that the "hiss" you hear is an emulation of the sound of the dampers coming off the strings and slightly "exciting" them. It's all part of the attempt to model more of the mechanical aspects of a piano. I'm not sure if it can be edited or not... the manual doesn't tell much...





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