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Anyone know seriously good Fusion bands around A'dam ?

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Since there were some interesting discussions, maybe some of you know people who know "new" activities in Holland concerning interesting Jazz Rock/Funk, probably not as far as I know, but hey I knew some who did so in the long ago past. Starting as a student I was in a Jazz combo for Years, and I knew that in the 90s thinking of commerce and fusion was little short of rediculous!


But may some of the fine com nets know about this wonderful po band so and so that I never heard of..


Probably not. It's a good discussion subject, how some acts (probably in th U.S.) can work on such music succesfully.



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When it comes to Fusion, my friend Francisco Morales is in a class of his own. Heck, even in LA he would be one of the baddest cats around, in The Netherlands there's nobody like him, both as a player and composer.


Seriously, if he was in LA, he would be world-famous. Check out his Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/francojony/videos


This is a song from his 2016 debut album:




His website: http://franciscomoralesmusic.com/






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Not Dutch, but Belgian, is the band Stuff. (Weird bandname as Steve Gadd already used it, but ok).


Stuff band


Saw them two months ago. I was really impressed. The drummer is really musical.





Just sayin' there's some pretty kool red boards happening in this vid :)

Life is too short to be playing bad music.


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Seriously, if he was in LA, he would be world-famous.


Then why isn't he in LA? Just wondering aloud.


Life. He left Venezuela, and eventually ended up in Holland. He seems to like it there, and I guess nowadays location isnt as critical as it once was.


Still, if he was here, oh man...


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Interesting - I dig that angular 7/8 "No More Tales" - and would never characterize that as any "smooth jazz" I've heard. I'd definitely categorize that as fusion, in the same way I would characterize, (for example) John Serry's first release Exhibition as fusion.
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Thanks. I guess it's been a very long time since I've checked in with the scene. For a time-traveling listener from, say, the mid- to late-80s, this sounds more like what I would have called "smooth jazz" along the way. I remember hearing Steely Dan agree that they'd be filed away the same way today, so I think the sound worlds have borrowed just enough from each other to muddy the water for an uninformed listener, which is what I am.
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