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Broadway BA1


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Hi! I'm planning on buying a Casio PX350, but the other day I ran into the Broadway BA1 on a site and it was rated highly, at least higher than the PX350. As far as I know, both pianos have very similar features. Unfortunately I can't find any other reviews on it. Does anyone have any experience with the Broadway BA1?
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Welcome to the forum Frank. Broadway appears to be a British company, probably not distributed in the US. There are some Brits on the forum, maybe one will comment.


Casio Privia line has built a good reputation over the years here (I don't own either, and never played either).


Comments: It seems that the two are for somewhat different markets. The Broadway B1 is in a traditional piano cabinet for home use and has internal amplification and speakers, and the Casio model is a "slab" piano designed to be placed on a stand and used with external amplification. This would be better for any portable or moving around use.

When comparing prices, you also need to figure that you are going to need some form of stand and some type of audio amplification for the Casio (powered PA speakers are a favorite here, by such companies as Electro Voice, QSC, Yamaha, etc.)

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...the Casio model is a "slab" piano designed to be placed on a stand and used with external amplification.

Actually, the PX-350 does have internal amplification and speakers. I have one in my office and am happy with it.

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I think you're very wise. The Broadway BA1 may be being sold through a UK-based retailer but I would be surprised if its origins were anything other than somewhere in China.

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