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Toto: NPR interview w/ Paich and Lukather


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It's also striking the difference of being back in a major label, Sony, versus staying in a small indy label like Frontiers, which released their last 2 albums. Way more promotion now, like this NPR interview. They had tons of problems with their Frontiers contract to the point of nearly dissolving the band.


By the way, for the Americans here, in many European countries Toto was always bigger than Journey, they played there more times, sell more records, etc... It was surprising to me, that I like both bands a lot, that in the US it's the other way around... I remember some interview with the Toto guys about that fact and, they were totally assuming it nicely, but how complicated that made a possible tour with Journey in the US, because Journey would always be the head of the show but Toto requires very good sound live that a secondary act normally does not have...




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You are right, Toto is much bigger in Europe than in America.

I like Toto better than Journey and i believe as individual musicians, Toto members are fantastic.

For me, is one of the greatest(perhaps the greatest) "we play every music genre" band of all time.

Toto XIV is a fantastic record, i am happy they being back in a major label and i believe they have a lot more to do in the future.

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