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Is this repairable?


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I'm in the camp of, buy it and fix it if you're handy with fixing things. Just know the risk involved. Make sure it's cheap enough to take that risk. I bought my Kurz pc3-8le four years ago with huge risk in that it was advertised as not working. I bumped the dent out of the front, the two stuck keys came back up and It's worked fine ever since. Risky, yes, but it sure was cheap. Like 15% of what they were going for at the time. ~BOB
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They sell a lot of damaged gear, they are a major music retailer in the UK. Thing is I have not seen any other major retailer do this so it's either because they have far better transportation methods or dispose of damaged gear in other ways not seen by the public. I'll give it a miss.
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steer clear of it.


agreed. Anything that took that hard of a hit to cause that much damage to the case and keys had to have sustained damage that can't be seen elsewhere.





I, too routinely have bought & repaired items over the year. It is critical to buy repairable things at a low enough cost to be at a "break-even" point should you ultimately have to part it out. The asking price here is too high to justify this purchase, IMHO.



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